How You Can #RESIST Illegal Mandates NOW

September 19, 21

We are currently living in unprecedented times that are changing every day, and we are doing our best to respond to each of you with the most up-to-date information and advice.

Follow us on Instagram so that you are aware of the updates and analyses we provide. Pour through the templates, videos, and other information we have provided on our RESOURCES page.  Our goal has been to provide you with the information and tools to educate and advocate for yourselves – and others in your community! – so you can first attempt to work with whoever is trying to implement any illegal mandate(s) before initiating protracted, expensive, stressful legal action.

If you are unable to make progress using these resources and would like to pursue formal, legal action, please contact our Allies listed, below, as we are unable to take on additional lawsuits at this time.  In the meantime, again, please check out the resources mentioned, above, and review the following suggestions on how you can fight back and make changes on your own:


  1. Get with as many like-minded families / coworkers / parents / humans who want to – kindly, respectfully – challenge the policies with you.  There is strength in numbers – confidence and courage – and this will also show the offending entity how many people are truly opposed to the policy(ies) and ready not to comply.  They will be scared to lose their bottom line, whether school enrollment, workforce, customers, etc.
    1. Note: This does not mean reach out to only unvd people.  There are thousands of vaccinated people who oppose mandates that dictate what medicine people have to take in order to work or go to school, and that condition making a living or getting an education on taking medicine.
    2. DO NOT LIMIT WHO WILL LINK ARMS WITH YOU IN THIS FIGHT. This is not a fight between Left and Right, vd or unvd. This is a fight for personal dignity, freedom, and basic human rights to be free of government mandates regarding you and your family’s health (which they have never cared about before and actually made worse).
  2. Send one of our Letters re: Mandates in the TEMPLATES section of our RESOURCE tab to the offending party.  These letters identify several important or “material” questions that need to be answered and issues that need to be addressed before you can agree to any policy.
    1. Please read and tailor the letter to your particular situation.  These are merely suggestions and guidance and not formal, legal action taken on your part, and need to be utilized personally by you.
  3. If you do not receive an answer or all the information requested therein, it is our opinion that you do not need to comply.  Say that you are open to discussing the policy(ies), but that you cannot agree to it until you can make a fully informed decision based on having and reviewing all the material facts (which were requested in your letter).
  4. Do NOT sign anything.  People want you to surrender your rights while fearing for your job security, placement in school, access, benefits, etc.  This is called duress and coercion and would invalidate any signatures, but do not put yourself behind the 8-ball when you have zero obligation to do so.
  5. Do NOT quit your job or un-enroll from school.  You will lose valuable rights if you do.
  6. If they will not modify the policy or provide the information requested and you do not want to leave / quit, but the environment is getting toxic: 
    1. If you need to keep your job or enrollment: request an exemption.
      1. Ask for the official exemption policy in writing.
      2. Identify what the proposed “accommodations” are.
        1. You may be subjected to more harsh “accommodations.” If you do not agree to those, as “why?” the school is implementing unjust or illogical accommodations, ask for the data to support the accommodations.
      3. If you are comfortable with the proposed accommodations, submit your request for an accommodation.
        1. Read the prompts.
        2. Respond to the prompts.
        3. Do not provide more information than requested.
        4. Do not provide less.
        5. Read the policy and respond to it exactly.
      4. Do everything in writing, including requests for information, clarification, documents, status of their response, etc. to prepare your case if needed.
    2. Whether you want to quit or stay, you can file a complaint with OSHA and your state labor board if you feel you are being discriminated, harassed, or retaliated against.  Note, this could make things worse, however, if you are fired after you file this complaint, it will be presumed by a court that the firing was retaliatory.  This is not a guarantee you will not get fired, but it is good strategy-wise. 
    3. If you do not need to keep your job or enrollment and you want to fight back, consult with a law firm to discuss your legal options (see list below).


Please see next blog post!


We are unable to take any new lawsuits at this time.  Therefore, please reach out to one of the organizations listed, below, once you have gone through all of the steps, above, to join one of their existing lawsuits, or request a consultation:   

  1. Liberty Counsel:
  2. Liberty Institute:
  3. Pacific Justice Institute:
  4. Advocates For Faith and Freedom:
  5. Alliance Defending Freedom:
  6. American Center For Law and Justice:
  7. Americas Frontline Doctors:
    1. AFLDS is doing class action lawsuits for firefighters, CHP, nurses, UC students with natural immunity, and Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers
  8. Center for Law and Religious Freedom:
  9. Christian Attorneys of America:
  10. Christian Law Association:
  11. Christian Legal Society:
  12. National Association of Christian Lawmakers:
  13. National Legal Foundation:
  14. Pacific Justice Institute:
  15. Pacific Legal Foundation:
  16. Thomas More Law Center:

Again, thank you for your patience and faith in us during these turbulent times.  We hope that this information has been of use to you and, if so, that you please, please, please, please share it. Please also consider supporting us so that we can continue to arm you with the strongest tools to #RESIST and #RISE UP with using our fight for Our Children, Our Future, and Our Freedom. (Please visit our CONTRIBUTE page for details).

In service,
The FLTJ Team