LAUSD Mandating Shots and a Call to Action

Sep 20, 2021

1️⃣ A school district does NOT have authority to add a new shot to the mandatory K-12 list.

2️⃣ A school district (or any entity) does NOT have the legal right to mandate an Emergency Use Authorization product.

3️⃣ Even if the proper authority (CA Dept. of Public Health) adds a shot to the mandatory K-12 list, it MUST allow medical & personal belief exemptions.

4️⃣ The district, school, and administrators are on the hook for harms suffered from receiving the shot in response to their mandate because they are NOT shielded from liability like the shots’ developers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.

5️⃣ The district, school, and administrators are on the hook for harms resulting from ANY of their policies. That is just a basic concept of law.

6️⃣ WHY??? WHY are they implementing this policy? 

• WHERE are the school transmission, hospitalization & death rates justifying this?
• WHY DID THEY WAIT 4 WEEKS INTO THE SCHOOL YEAR to announce it? Shots have been authorized for 12+ since May 2021. (spoiler alert: FUNDING). 
• The people “most susceptible” to the virus have access to and have taken the shots. (In fact, teachers demanded to higher priority for vaxxination as a condition to returning to in-person teaching).
• Even if these individuals do not have access to the shots for some reason, or do not want to take the shot, they have other options (masking, distancing) and that is their decision. Children should not have to compensate for adult decision-making. We have NEVER sacrificed children for the “greater good” before in the History of Mankind.



(Original post date Sept 9, 2021)

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