Petition Filed to Sue LAUSD on Behalf of CHD-CA and PERK to Stop Unlawful CV19 Vaccine Mandate

October 25, 21

We have filed a petition to sue the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), its Superintendent Megan Reilly, and all seven of its Board of Education members on behalf of Children’s Health Defense and Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids, to immediately STOP enforcement of their illegal CV19 shot mandate on all LAUSD school children 12 years and older as a requirement to receive in-person learning.

PERK, CHD v. LASUD – Writ CONFORMED 10.13.21

Know Your Rights!

No school district has the authority to require new immunizations not currently listed in the CA Health and Safety Code. No school district can mandate an experimental use authorized shot that is not FDA approved. Even if a shot were properly added to the K-12 mandatory list, medical and personal belief exemptions must be allowed. The district, school, and administrators are on the hook for harms suffered from receiving the shot in response to their mandate because they are NOT shielded from liability like the shots’ developers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.

We Will Not Let Up!

LAUSD is the second-largest school district in the country with over 600,000 students enrolled. Some families have left the school district for other schools or are homeschooling but for many lower-income families, this is not an option. Without court action, the Board will unlawfully deny students ongoing in-person education, participation in extracurricular activities and exclude them from the many benefits and services attached to attending school in the LAUSD.
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