Legal Update on LAUSD Mandates

November 3, 21

We, here, at FLTJ believe discrimination and violating the law are wrong, but the LA Unified School District and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hogue believe otherwise.

Despite valiant legal efforts that lasted over 8 hours, Judge Hogue denied our request for an emergency order pausing the District’s vaccine requirement for students 12 and older to participate in in-person extracurricular activities. Judge Hogue – who remained in chambers while counsel and dozens of concerned parents and citizens of humanity lined the courtroom – commenced proceedings by announcing that she was “inclined to deny” our request. Despite almost an hour-and-a-half of oral argument defeating each of the District’s arguments, Judge Hogue stood by her “inclination” and denied our request for a temporary restraining order finding based on the following grounds, among others:

1) Parents delayed coming to court to seek the requested relief. She stated, “Any parent” could have come in “September 10 – any time! – to ask for this relief,” shaming parents desperate to understand the law, their rights, their options, while also scrambling to protect their kids.

2) The harm to the “remaining” 600,000 students as well as faculty and staff – many of whom are vaccinated and can protect themselves by masking and distancing and have been attending school for three months using these measures, only without outbreaks, school closures, or any reported deaths – outweighed the “hearsay” threats of suicide, self-harm (cutting, eating disorders, substance abuse), academic and athletic opportunities, etc. – to students who are unable to receive the vaccine.

3) It was not within her authority or power to review the District’s emergency safety measures, even though that was not what our team was asking for. We were merely asking for an order restraining the District and its schools from enforcing the policy until we could get into court via a “regularly noticed” hearing in a few weeks.

Do not despair. The FLTJ Legal Team is already preparing its next legal maneuver. In the meantime, YOU MUST PUSH BACK. These schools are now on notice of their potential violations of law and no “orders from superiors” will protect them from civil and criminal liability. Yes, each and every teacher who chooses to implement this illegal District policy. [More on this coming soon. PLEASE STAY TUNED]. Explain to them how they are being exposed and will be left hanging out to dry by sharing our Cease and Desist Letter and Petition (lawsuit) published on our RESOURCES page. Sit out. Peacefully and lawfully protest. Respond to each “update” and each “notification” explaining “why your child cannot participate” with “WHY?” ASK WHY. ASK FOR PROOF. If they cannot provide this, JUST. SAY. NO!

Here is an Instagram LIVE from Nicole, breaking down the events of the day. Save. Post. SHARE. Follow her backup page: @factslawtruthjustice2 for more LIVES and updates.

We are committed to continuing to fight against this corruption inside the courts, but you MUST fight outside, as well. #ARMORUP and #RISEUP. #THETIMEISNOW #PROTECTOURCHILDREN.