November 19, 21

Our legal team is continuing our fight for children and families in the LAUSD. We are planning for December 8 – our next day in court – when we will request an order to forbid LAUSD from enforcing their illegal and dangerous resolution that requires all children in LAUSD over 12 to be fully immunized from Covid-19 by January 10, 2020 in order to continue in-person education.

Until then, HOLD THE LINE. LAUSD parents – and their children – are being harassed and led to believe there will be a punishment if they do not have their child injected on or before November 21 or December 19. This is not true. There is nothing in the Resolution that says what will happen to your child if they are not injected by these dates. In fact, LAUSD’s attorneys argued repeatedly that “nothing will happen to these children before the January 10 deadline.” So why the November and December deadlines?

Threats, intimidation, coercion, duress. Do not succumb to their evil tactics anymore. INFORM AND EMPOWER YOURSELVES. ASK QUESTIONS. No, DEMAND ANSWERS. You are parents and have every right to know what is going on with your children! Print out and read the LAUSD resolution so you know your rights!

We will continue to fight tirelessly for you, but you must spread the word that families do not have to comply with the November or December deadlines. Share this blog post and links to our Instagram and other videos. Advocate for your children and every child in every district. FLTJ’s policy is – truly – “No child left behind. Share your information and resources and help protect and build the community that is going to raise your child.

Under no circumstances should your child or your family be bullied, harassed, excluded, singled out, or intimidated by the district, school, faculty, coaches, staff, peers, or other families. Please report any LAUSD shot mandate non-compliance related harassment to us: or