Pray for New York (and all of us)

Nov 28, 2021

“IT’S COMING” is not the declaration of a state of emergency. It is the mantra of a tyrannical government that wants to keep its citizens in a perpetual state of fear, anxiety, confusion, desperation, and compliance. It is the chorus of their anthem, lulling you into submission, the lyrics of their chant pummeling you into nonresistance.

“Emergency powers” are exactly what they sound like: exigent, extra-ordinary powers needed for an exigent, extra-ordinary situation dictated by actual, real-time conditions. They are special, finite, and rare because when they are activated, all other “regular” rules, procedures, and powers are suspended to give way to the use of these extra-ordinary super-powers to combat extra-ordinary conditions. Governors cannot activate their extra-ordinary state of emergency super-powers for things that MIGHT occur. Could you imagine!??


❄️ Winter is coming.
🔥 Draught & fire season is coming.
🌪 Hurricane season is coming.
🛍 Smash & grab holiday season is coming.”

New York’s state of emergency authority is broad (certainly broader than California’s*). New York Consolidated Laws, Executive Law – EXC § 28 reads: “Whenever the governor . . . finds that a disaster has occurred or may be imminent for which local governments are unable to respond adequately, he shall declare a disaster emergency by executive order.”

Even so, this standard cannot currently be met in New York because (1) the new variant, which has not even reached U.S. soil and likely will not due to new travel bans is not “imminent,” and (2) New York has the resources to respond to any new wave caused by it. Therefore, the Governor’s proclamation is unwarranted and illegal and being leveraged to further manipulate and control New York residents.

That said, we must remain vigilant.

We must share this information and analyses with our Brothers and Sisters in New York – and around the World – and stay awake and #RISEUP against similar illegal, unconstitutional (immoral and unethical) exercises of power. We cannot allow ourselves to be trapped in perpetual states of emergency that suspend our rights and traditional, constitutionally and statutorily-guaranteed procedures designed to guard against dictatorial exercises of power that are reserved to specific, limited, and extreme cases of peril.



* California Government Code, section 8558 “…conditions of disaster or of extreme peril…which, by reason of their magnitude, are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of any single county, city, and county, or city and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat…”

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