January 10, 22

Despite nearly two years of forced masking without benefits and numerous California and national authorities admitting that masking is a useless, damaging exercise in “facial decoration,” LAUSD has gone full steam ahead with a new mask requirement for children in and outdoors, along with a “strong recommendation” they use non-cloth, well-fitted masks with a nose wire. An obvious acknowledgment of recent authorities’ admissions that cloth-masks do nothing to prevent or slow the spread of an airborne, respiratory virus – and, in fact, likely exacerbate it – LAUSD’s “strong recommendation” begs the question: WHICH MASK?

Since LAUSD refuses to acknowledge decades of research, findings, and even express prohibitions from the FDA, CDPH, and other authorities prohibiting surgical, N95, or comparable mask use in children and the harms of such, we demanded that they retract their newest policy. In response, LAUSD claimed legal authority to mandate masks and completely avoided the issue: scientific and medical authority prohibiting mask wearing in children, cited above. We will continue to advocate for your children and debate this with counsel, but in the meantime:

(1)  Read our newest, cease and desist letter.
(2)  Share it – not only with family members and friends – but with your principals, administrators, faculty, staff, and school district board members, so they know what is on the horizon and can avoid it, or otherwise demonstrate the callousness and ignorance with which they continue to abuse our children.
(3) DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH A MASK. How? Why? WHICH MASK? Demand that your school advise you about – and provide you with – a safe, effective mask. Otherwise do not you subject your child to abuse, yourself!
(4) Stay tuned for updates from the District and others, and
(5) Please let us know about your experiences with this letter. 

This is our year to Reclaim what we have lost. The law is on your side, and so is your FLTJ Team, so continue to RESIST and RISE UP!