ANOTHER WIN FOR PARENTS’ RIGHTS: The Tide Has Officially Turned

January 15, 22

Your Facts Law Truth Justice Warriors have struck—and WON—again.


On January 13, 2022, Alameda County Judge Brad Seligman entered his final order GRANTING our Ex Parte Application to stay enforcement of Piedmont Unified School District’s CV19 injection requirement for children 5 and older.  Piedmont is the only district in the state of California forcing these new, still-investigational drugs on children as young as 5 as a condition to receiving critical in-person services from its schools.  Worse yet – and as more evidence of how  unethical, illegal, and unconstitutional Piedmont’s coercive policy is – Piedmont does not provide a remote learning alternative children unable or unwilling to receive the shots, and has a vaccination rate of 99%.  In other words, there is zero medical, scientific, or legal authority for Piedmont’s policy, and FLTJ was able to convince Judge Seligman of this in their written Application and, again, during oral argument on January 11.  In fact, Judge Seligman specifically expressed in his tentative ruling issued before the hearing, “Respondents do not address the dispute on the merits and at least at this stage, it appears that PUSD lacks authority to add a new vaccine requirement. (See Health & Safety Code, § 120335, subd. (a), § 120338.)” (Emphasis added).


In addition to granting FLTJ’s request for a stay, Judge Seligman GRANTED FLTJ’s request for an expedited hearing on our underlying lawsuit.  As a result, your FLTJ Warriors will face Piedmont’s counsel in court, again, on March 1, 2022At this hearing on the merits, each side will present their arguments against and in support of Piedmont’s policy, and Judge Seligman will decide whether or not Piedmont had authority to enact it and, thus, strike it down or allow it to stand.


This is a major win not only for parents in Piedmont Unified School district – where hundreds of students have been saved from the Hobbesian choice relinquishing critical school services or enrolling themselves in the clinical trial of a new, investigational drug they do not need and might seriously injure and even kill them – but throughout the state, as Piedmont’s win is already influencing other districts in the area to change course


Major kudos to FLTJ’s brilliant legal writer, Partner Rita Barnett-Rose, whose papers moved Judge Seligman to issue his tentative ruling in our favor based on reading the papers, alone, and to FLTJ’s fierce orator, Partner Jessica Barsotti, who deflected Piedmont’s attempts to dismantle Judge Seligman’s ruling and secure a win for our courageous clients, Children’s Health Defense-California ChapterProtection of the Educational Rights of Kids, and parents Jane and Janet Doe.  We are so proud of our team. This is a major victory that has actually turned the tide in the school mandate war.


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