URGENT: TAKE ACTION TODAY ON Senate Bills 866 & 871

February 8, 22

TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 1:30 p.m., the Senate Rules Committee will be meeting to refer bills to committees for review and debate. The more committees bills are referred to the better because it ensures the bills will actually be vetted by the appropriate authorities / experts + will slow them down.



YESTERDAY, the Senate (Dick? Weiner? This you??) SUSPENDED Joint Rule 55, which imposes a 30 days waiting period before any bill can be acted on. Since Rule 55 has been suspended, the Senate can move on SB866 and SB871 BEFORE February 20 or 24 as previously predicted so we do not have time to wait to meet with our representatives.



  • (1) Call (916) 651-4120 and Email Chinook.Shin@sen.ca.gov of the Senate Rules Committee to ask them to assign 866 and 871 to the appropriate committees:
    • SB 871 – which proposes to add the CV19 shot for grades K through 12 to attend public and private schools and withhold Personal Beliefs Exemption – Health, Education, and Judiciary Committees:
      • Health: vaccinations impact health.
      • Education: 27% of teens (870,000 kids) and 65% of 5-11 year olds (2.3 million kids) are not currently vaccinated for CV19, which would mean they would be relegated to at-home learning or independent study which is currently unprepared for an influx of so many students, and is already overwhelmed. Also, if a large number of students leave the public school system, this will have a fiscal effect on schools and the quality of education that can be provided.
      • Judiciary: Withholding the Personal Beliefs Exemption for CV19 and any shots added in the future alters the legislative process, which should not occur without due process.
    • SB 866 – which reduces the age of consent for vaccinations to 12 – Judiciary and Health:
      • Health: vaccines impact health.
      • Judiciary: removing the ability of parents to be involved in the medical treatment of their minor children is equivalent to taking away parental rights, which should not occur without due process. 
  • (2) Call and email your representatives TODAY to FIRM or MOVE UP (since we know you have already been scheduling them!) your meetings to discuss SB866 and SB871.
  • (3) Email @perk-group and @ca_freedom_keepers to let them know when your meetings are set.