February 9, 22


Two of five bad bills are currently on the move:

  • Senate Bill 866, will remove parental consent and “authorize a minor 12 years of age or older to consent to vaccines that meet specified federal agency criteria.” This will reduce the age of consent to 12 for all vaccine’s: the ones currently on the K-12 list, as well as CV19, HPV, and meningitis (which we are expecting them to add via another “bad bill” this Legislative Session). 

    • This means that your 12 year olds will be able to decide what medicines they take without you knowing.
    • Why do we say this? Because these shots are not vaccines, they are medicine. So, if a child can consent to this medicine, they will be able to consent to any medicines moving forward, not just vaccines. [TRUST US, THEY ARE NOT ADMITTING THESE ARE MEDICINE, NOW, BUT THEY WILL EVENTUALLY AND THEN THEY WILL HAVE SET THIS PRECEDENT].
  • Senate Bill 871 will require public and private daycare and school children – yes children as young as daycare – to be vaccinated against CV19 by January 1, 2023, and will remove the Personal Beliefs Exemption for CV19 and any future CDPH-required vaccines.  It will also remove the 7th grade exemption for Hepatitis B.
    • This means no more exemptions for shots daycare and up.
    • Why do I say this? Because you cannot get a medical exemption for K-12 shots in CA, and this bill would remove the PBE for this shot and will lay the foundation to remove them for any new shots moving forward. [YOU HAVE TO THINK LIKE THEY THINK].


Because Monday, the Senate SUSPENDED Joint Rule 55, which requires 30 day waiting period before any bill can be heard. This means these bills can be heard any day and we need to organize and act quickly.


  • What are SB866 and SB871, really?
  • How we got here & where this is going.
  • What YOU can DO to protect your children.


  • TOMORROW, Thursday, 2/10/22,
  • Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
  • Newport Beach, CA – address provided upon registration
  • Registration:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sb866-sb871-emergency-town-hall-tickets-266263921557
  • $100 donation to California Freedom Keepers is suggested

SHARE SHARE SHARE this email and INVITE INVITE INVITE. Now is the time to act. 

We defeated AB1400. We can defeat SB866, 871 and any other bad bills that come our way.