March 16, 22

YOUR FLTJ WARRIORS ARE AT WAR AGAIN. On Monday, March 7,  2022 Children’s Health Defense, California Chapter, along with college student, Harlow Glenn and Jackson Druker, filed suit against Santa Clara University to immediately halt SCU’s illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and life-threatening COVID-19 vaccine requirements, including new “booster” mandate.  Please read through til the end to see what SCU students can do today to protect themselves against SCU’s illegal, deadly mandate.

SCU’S Vaccine Policy
SCU’S website illegally – and unethically – leads students to believe that the widely-available Pfizer vaccine is FDA-approved, and fails to inform students that the only FDA-licensed vaccine – the BioNTech “Comirnaty” vaccine – is not even available in the United States. The website also mentions a “University approved exemption”; however, SCU does not allow religious or beliefs exemptions for students, while allowing them for faculty and staff, and denied almost all medical exemptions submitted by students without any examination or inquiry.

SCU’S Booster Policy
In addition to its original COVID-19 “vaccination” requirement due before the start of the Fall Semester, midway through the school year, without notice or any mention of a third dose, SCU imposed a booster requirement in order continue attending SCU for the Spring Semester and its intent to “immediately expel” students who did not submit to the booster requirement by March 17, 2022.

  • Why does SCU continue mandating COVID-19 injections despite widespread evidence that those currently available do not stop infection or transmission of the virus?
  • Why does SCU continue mandating COVID-19 injections where over 99% of its community are vaccinated?
  • Why does SCU continue mandating COVID-19 injections on students where faculty and staff are exempt?
  • Most importantly, why does SCU continue mandating COVID-19 injections where it knows its students have almost died from them?

Irreparable, Life-Threatening Harms to Students
Plaintiff Harlow Glenn – a sophomore neuroscience major – felt pressured to get the 1st Pfizer shot in order to continue her rigorous program.  After she did, Glenn suffered from months of numbness and tingling in her legs, severe migraines, urinating of blood, menstrual cycle disruptions, fainting, vomiting, and total body pains and was advised by two separate doctors – who wrote her medical exemptions – not to get the 2nd Pfizer dose. Despite Glenn’s harrowing, near-death experience, SCU’s campus physician, Dr. Osofsky, determined that Glenn’s injuries were not “severe enough to require hospitalization” and denied her requests for religious and medical exemptions.

SCU is also ignoring the alarming clinical trial data submitted by Pfizer to the FDA in support of its COVID-19 vaccine licensing application, which was ordered to be released by U.S. District Judge Mark T. Pittman. This data shows there were 1,291 different severe adverse events following vaccination during the clinical trial.  The list includes acute kidney injury, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, encephalitis, pancreatitis, myocarditis and much more. (Link to view Pfizer data.) In light of this staggering number of COVID-19 vaccine injuries, including almost 25,000 deaths being reported to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system, lawmakers in the state of Kansas called for the “safe and effective” narrative of COVID-19 vaccines to be removed because it violates true “informed consent.” The Kansas health agency has now stopped all television ads for the COVID-19 vaccine.

FLTJ’S Complaint
FLTJ’s Complaint alleges eighteen causes of action against SCU, Dr. Osofsky, and Depra Arora, including violations of students’ fundamental rights to bodily autonomy, free exercise of religion, and equal protection of the law, as well as a violation of the Federal Government’s Emergency Use Authorization law, which requires individuals being offered emergency use products be given the right to refuse them.  (All “booster” shots are only authorized for emergency use and have not received full FDA approval. Therefore, they cannot be mandated or made a condition to receive of contractually bargained-for, paid for, guaranteed services.The Complaint alleges that SCU mandated these shots without conducting any risk-benefit analysis for their students’ age cohort and despite the emerging evidence of significant harms to individuals, including the elevated risk of myocarditis in males ages 18-24 years old.

The Complaint further alleges that SCU-mandated these booster shots not to protect students’ health, but rather in exchange for millions of dollars in federal CARES Act funding.  “By imposing these measures on students in exchange for millions in federal relief funds and in order to aid, abet, and implement the clear governmental objective of ‘universal vaccination,’ SCU became a state actor, and must be held to the same constraints against constitutional violations as any other state actor,” said Rita Barnett-Rose, FLTJ Partner and author of the Complaint.

FLTJ’S Ex Parte Application for a Preliminary Injunction
Because of the imminent March 17th booster deadline and irreparable threats of harm to SCU students’ health and well-being, FLTJ on behalf of Children’s Health Defense, Glenn and Druker filed an ex parte or “emergency” application for a Preliminary Injunction to immediatey halt enforcement of the COVID-19 injection policy until a final ruling on the merits of their case.  Parents worry that since final exams are next week and students know they will feel sick after getting a COVID shot, that some students will be pressured to attend the final on-campus shot clinic this Friday and potentially not benefit from legal action.

Likely in response to FLTJ’s aggressive assault on SCU’s policy, the Office of the President of the University has recommended that students file an extension to file an exemption for religious, medical, or “other” reasons, including recent exposure to Covid-19.  Email the extension request to covid19@scu.edu.  Please do so immediately in order to guard yourself against this additional harm to your rights and personal freedom, health and life.

For additional information about this recent CHD CA lawsuit, please contact Ian Jameson, who may be reached directly at: 626-528-2120. And via email at: Ian Jameson <ian@fltjllp.com>.

Please click here to read the Complaint.