KEEP GOING. To Do for Week of 4/25

April 25, 22

FLTJ Warriors:

WE ARE WINNING. But we have more work to do. Now is not the time to get complacent – or tired – please write down these important action items for this week, courtesy of our partners at PERK, Educate / Advocate, and A Voice for Choice Advocacy:

AB 1797, SB 1479 & AB 2098

Call + Email + Attend

  1. Call and ask Democrat members on the Committees, below, to vote “NO” or “Abstain” on AB 2098, AB 1797 & SB 1479.
  2. The deadlines to submit Opposition Letters through the Legislative Portal has expired; however, email your opposition directly to Committee Members now:
    1. AB 1797 – Email TODAY before hearing tomorrow, April 26 at 1:30 p.m. in the Assembly Health and Education Committee Members.
    2. SB 1479 – Email TODAY & TOMORROW before hearing Wednesday, April 27 at 9:00 a.m. in the Senate Education Committee Members:
    3. AB 2098 – Email your Assembly Appropriations Committee member EVERY DAY until hearing in Mid-May in.
      1. Sample Opposition Letter.
  3. Attend the hearings in person, if you can. If not, call in to register your opposition. 
    1. It is so easy to be on the phone line and work, run errands, play with your children until they “open up the phone lines” to register opposition.

Which Bills? 

AB 1797 Development of a state immunization registry (Weber)

  • AB 1797 would merge the three CA Immunization Registry tracking systems to create one statewide system and require all vaccines will to be entered into the CA Immunization Registry (CAIR), adults and children. Schools and other entities would have access to all records.
  • Hearing: Assembly Health Committee Tuesday April 26th at 1:30 pm. 
  • Call Assembly Health Committee Members Monday and Tuesday.
  • Give public comment
    • In person in 1021 O Street, Room 1100 or
    • Call in (877) 692-8957; Code: 18501100
  • Hearing: Assembly Education Committee  Wednesday April 27, at 1:30pm.
  • Call Assembly Education Committee Members Monday and Tuesday.
  • Give public comment in person in Rm 1100, not taking calls into session.

SB 1479 COVID-19 testing in schools: COVID-19 testing plans (Pan)

  • SB 1479 would require all schools and districts to develop testing programs for CV19, and any communicable or infectious disease in the future.
  • Hearing in Senate Education Committee  Wednesday, April 27 at 9:00 a.m. 
  • Call Senate Education Committee members Monday and Tuesday.
  • Give public comment
    • In person at 1021 O Street, Room 2100, or
    • By phone 877-226-8163, Code 7362833

AB 2098 Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct (Low)



SB 1464Law enforcement of public health orders (Pan) – would have required law enforcement to enforce local health orders and guidelines – Public Safety Hearing set for April 26, POSTPONED AGAIN BY PAN.

AB 1993 – Employment: COVID-19 Vaccination requirements (Wicks) – would have forced employers to require proof of CV19 vaccination from employees and independent contractors, store data, and make available to state, otherwise face penalties in excess of $25,000 per violation – put ON HOLD BY WICKS..

SB 871Public Health: Immunizations (Pan) – would have required CV19 vaccine for all children in daycare and school, public and private, regardless of FDA approval and remove personal beliefs exemptions – PULLED BY PAN.

SB 920 – Medical Board of California: Investigations: Record Requests (Hurtado) – would have allowed investigations of doctors’ offices and records without patient’s consent – PULLED BY HURTADO.

SB 1390 Social media disinformation (Pan) – would have fined social media platforms for “amplifying” “harmful content,” as defined, including “mis” or “disinformation” re: medicine, vaccines, elections, and conspiracy theories, would require all platforms to track and maintain a database of all “complaints” and report these directly to California Attorney General’s office – hearing set for April 26 CANCELED BY PAN.

AB 1400 – Guaranteed Health Care for All (Kaira) – KILLED in third reading.

 KEEP GOING becauseYOU are doing it!

#RISEUP your FLTJ Team