URGENT “No on SB866” Video Campaign

May 30, 22


We have an emergency on our hands.

We need your urgent action today.

Senate Bill 866 – which would lower the age of consent to all FDA-approved vaccines to 12 – is headed to the Assembly Judiciary Committee Wednesday, June 1, exact time TBA, but hearing starts at 8:30 a.m. While we have been successful at defeating other “one-off” or stand-alone bills, SB866 has been held back as the “Hail Mary” (if you will, I hate calling it that but you get it) to get the job done.


AB1993, which would have required everyone to show proof of CV19 vaccination in order to work or hold an internship, and SB871, which would have required the CV19 vaccine in order to go to school in person (no exemptions), and AB1400, which would have put us all into one state-wide (digitized) healthcare system, have been pulled or defeated. These were the government’s stepping stones to getting everyone jabbed and uploaded into the central, digital immunization tracking system). Now that they are gone, however, what can our government do to incentivize, coerce, threaten, induce, and otherwise force people to take the jabs

What if California Legislators made it legal for anyone 12 years old and up to walk into a Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreens – their dentist’s, optometrist’s, or pet’s veterinarian’s office (see CDPH list of “Licensees Authorized to Administer Vaccines” and brace yourselves) – and get a vaccine without their guardian knowing, let alone consenting?


Forget the lawsuits by adults against employers, universities, schools and school boards and districts. Why deal with implementing and trying to defend unconstitutional, illegal mandates, when you can legalize then incentivize, impressionable young children desperate to “get back to normal” (in-person school, sports, extracurriculars, jobs, internships, graduations, relationships, and parties) with snacks and food and gift cards and life? Why fight the parents and employees and other trusted adults trying to protect children, when you can simply remove them from the equation completely? Why not let the kids “legally” “choose” to do it themselves?

SB866 is the obvious, last ditch answer to the Elite’s crumbling global CV19 / digital social credit system plan. Children are the low-hanging fruit. Let children make the choice and their guardians pay the price.


(1)     RIGHT NOW, TODAY: RECORD YOUR THOUGHTS ON SB866. Read these next questions and make a quick 2-3 minute video about what you think.

  1. Did you know about #SB866?
    1. Do you think a 12 year old knows enough about his or her own and his or her family’s – both sides! – medical history, and #science and #data, to decide whether or not s/he needs a vaccine?
    2. How would you feel about your child getting a vaccine without your knowledge?
    3. If your child is harmed by or suffers an adverse reaction to a vaccine – regardless of whether you know they took it or not – are you financially able to pay for the cost of their medical treatment and care, and to support them for the rest of their lives if they are handicapped?
    4. Do you think 12 year old’s are vulnerable to peer pressure?
    5. Do you think your 12 year old is vulnerable to peer pressure.
      1. Children have been coerced to get vaccines for pizza at their school
  2. Recording Instructions: 
    • Horizontal frame ideal, but not a deal breaker.
    • Speaker centered in frame.
    • Stand within 2 feet of speaker.
    • One Liners
      • “My name is [so-and-so] and I am the parent of [amount of kids] and I oppose SB 866.”
      • “Call your CA legislator to abstain SB 866.”
      • “I am asking you [insert Assembly person’s name] to vote NO on SB 866.”
    • Click on the video upload link from your phone to upload video directly from photo library.

(2)    TODAY, ANY TIME, TAKES 5 MINS. Call and email the Assembly Judiciary Committee Members in their Capitol (not local, district offices) to flood their voicemails with requests that they “VOTE NO” or at the very least abstain from voting “Yes” on SB866.

(3)     TUESDAY, MAY 31, ALL DAY. Call and email the Assembly Judiciary Committee Members in their Capitol (not local, district offices) all. day. long. to ask them  to “VOTE NO” on SB866 or at the very least abstain.

  1. If one of the Committee Members is your representative, please be sure to (1) identify your zip code, (2) ask them to vote NO, and (3) let them know you will vote them out if they do not.
    1. Find your California Representatives (Assemblyperson and Senator.

(4)    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 8:30 A.M. call in to the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing to lodge your opposition to the bill on the record. (For our lawsuit, we will need evidence!)


Can Your Child Make Medical Decisions for His/Herself? 

  • Do you think your child can make the decision whether or not to get a vaccine?
  • Does your child like to get shots?
  • Does your child have his / her pediatrician’s phone number?
  • Has your child ever made his / her own doctor’s appointment?
  • Does your child have his / her pediatrician’s address?
  • If your child wanted to go to his / her pediatrician, could he / she get there? How?
  • Did you know that, if this bill passes, your child could go get a vaccine at a Walgreens / Rite Aid / CVS without you?
  • Did you know that someone who can give a vaccine is a pharmacist?
  • Do you know your local Walgreens / CVS / Rite Aid pharmacist?
  • Does s/he know your child?
  • Does s/he know your child’s medical history?
  • Does s/he know your family’s medical history?
  • Would you feel comfortable having your local pharmacist give your child a vaccine without you?
  • Will minors 12+ be able to decline medical procedures or treatments without coercion or threats?
  • Can Doctors be trusted to give safe and responsible treatment to minors if they receive incentives for the treatments they prescribe?
  • Without knowledge of a medical procedure or treatment, how will a parent be able to identify adverse reactions and proactively treat or help their child?
  • Can a minor give consent if they don’t know their own medical history?
  • Why are we using predatory/grooming language such as “Your parents don’t have to know” and “You don’t have to tell anyone?”
  • Minors 12+ can’t drink, drive or buy cigarettes, but they can make life altering medical decisions without parental consent?

What if your child gets injured? 

  • Did you know that you cannot sue a person who makes or gives a vaccine if your child has an allergic reaction or is hurt by a vaccine?
  • Did you know the only way you can get financial assistance if your child has an allergic reaction to or is hurt by a vaccine is if you file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund?
  • Did you know that only an adult can file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund?
  • Did you know that if you are going to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund you have to do so within 3 years from the date of receiving the vaccine?
  • What would you do if your 12 year old gets a vaccine without you knowing and is hurt, but you did not know? How would you get help?
  • What would you do if your 12 year old gets a vaccine without you knowing, is hurt, wants to file a claim but can’t because s/he is a minor and will not turn 18 before the 3 year window expires?

How do you feel about this bill? 

  • Did you know about this Bill before today?
  • What do you think about allowing 12 year olds getting vaccines without their mom or dad or guardian involved?
  • How do you feel knowing a bill like this is floating around out there?


Tuesday and Wednesday we will be at the Capitol meeting with almost 80 Assembly people to discuss the fatal legal flaws of SB866If you would like to financially support us in these effortsor our lawsuits, advocacy, or education work, please consider doing so on our Contributions PageWe do not get paid to go to the Capitol to lobby or testify. This is something we do beyond and in addition to our resource writing; trainings, education, and advocacy; rallies and presentations; and – last but not least – litigating.

WE WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR YOU. Please do consider contributing to our legal fund so that we can continue to grow and expand to take on new lawsuits and efforts to protect you, your Children, our Rights, Freedom and Future.