72 Hours to Kill SB866

June 3, 22

FLTJ Freedom Fighters:

Your time to act is now. Senate Bill 866 is moving swiftly through the Assembly and, if it passes with no amendments, could end up on the Governor’s desk by the end of the month. Senator Wiener can feel us hot on his tracks and is scrambling, from calling in his cronies last minute to push through the vote, to ramming readings of the bill through as fast as possible (among other things). We need you to take action. Not just call and email, but actual, real life action.



  1. Record your thoughts on SB866: We are creating a compelling video to show to our Legislators – and the World – just how many of us there are. They will see us, not matter how hard they try to ignore us.

    1. Upload your video here.
  2. Check out your California Legislator’s Health Sector Campaign Finance Data, especially if your Assembly member was one of the “Yes” votes from the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

    1. Rivas, Robert,
    2. Reyes, Eloise Gómez,
    3. Kalra, Ash,
    4. Haney, Matt,
    5. Wicks, Buffy
  3. Submit your Opposition Letter to the California Legislative Portal.
  4. Call and email your non-representative Assembly members at their district (local) office to voice your opposition to SB 866.

    1. Leave a vm.
    2. Remain anonymous. Do not say you are not their constituents, but also do not say that you are (don’t lie and also you need to provide a zip code so they can confirm that you are.
  5. Make an appointment with your Assembly member now.


  1. GO. MEET. YOUR. REP. IN. PERSON. Print two copies of a personalized opposition letter (idea), sample opposition letter (below), and/or a list of questions to discuss – one for you and one to leave with your rep – and kindly, respectfully ask to speak to your Assembly member.

    1. FLTJ Questions We Need to Answer, First (PDF)
    2. FLTJ Questions We Need to Answer, First (Word)
    3. FLTJ PERK Rebuttal 
    4. PERK Opposition Letter
    5. CAFK Opposition Letter
    6. AVFC Opposition Letter
    7. PERK “Democratic Values” Flyer
    8. Physicians for Informed Consent Opposes SB 866
    9. SB866: Questions to Consider (CAFK)
  2. If your Assembly member is not available, you may ask to speak with the District Director or staffer in charge of SB866. Ask for their business card and for them to confirm with you that your documents are hand delivered to your Assembly member.

  3. Send the “record your thoughts on SB866” link to 10 friends.

  4. Call and email your non-representative Assembly members at their district (local) office to voice your opposition to SB 866.

Sample Script:


My name is _______, I live in Assembly member_____’s district. Zip code is ______. I strongly oppose SB 866, lowering the age of consent to vaccination to age 12. I am demanding the assembly member oppose this bill.

Thank you.

Focus on these 28 Assembly members:

Joaquin Arambula 916-319-2031 / 559-445-5532
Tasha Boerner-Horvath  916-319-2076 / 760-434-7605
Ken Cooley  916-319-2008 / 916-464-1910
Jim Cooper 916-319-2009 /916-670-7888
Tom Daly 916-319-2069 /714-939-8469
Mike Fong 916-319-2049 / 323-264-4949
Eduardo Garcia 916-319-2056 / 760-347-2360
Mike Gipson  916-319-2064 / 310-324-6408
Adam Gray 916-319-2021 / 209-726-5465
Timothy Grayson 916-319-2014 / 925-521-1511
Jacqui Irwin 916-319-2044 / 805-482-1904
Brian Maienschein 916-319-2077 / 858-675-0077 – to thank him for his “No” vote at the Judiciary Hearing Wednesday!
Chad Mayes  916-319-2042 / 760-346-6342
Al Muratsuchi 916-319-2066 / 310-375-0691
Adrin Nazarian 916-319-2046 / 818-376-4246
Patrick O’Donnell 916-319-2070 / 562-429-0470
Cottie Petrie-Norris 916-319-2074 / 949-251-0074
Sharon Quirk-Silva  916-319-2065 / 714-525-6515
James Ramos 916-319-2040 / 909-476-5023
Eloise Reyes 916-319-2047 / 909-381-3238
Luz Rivas 916-319-2039 / 818-504-3911
Robert Rivas 916-319-2030 / 831-759-8676
Freddie Rodriguez 916-319-2052 / 909-902-9606
Blanca Rubio 916-319-2048 / 626-960-4457
Miguel Santiago 916-319-2053 / 213-620-4646
Rudy Salas 916-319-2032 / 661-335-0302
Carlos Villapudua  916-319-2013 / 209-948-7479 – to thank him for his official “No” position statement!
Lori Wilson 916-319-2011


Yours in the fight,
Your FLTJ Team