June 4, 22


SB866 is set to be heard during the 1 p.m. Assembly Floor Session on Monday, June 6, 2022. THE. TIME. TO. ACT. (was 5 months ago) IS. NOW.

We are launching another video campaign to ensure our representatives hear our questions and (1) know our concerns and (2) see how many people have questions about SB866 that they should acknowledge before we head to the polls by Monday, June 6, to vote before Tuesday, June 7.


We are going to make another video collage of all the questions we have been wanting to ask Senator Wiener and our representatives about SB866, but may not been able to. The may ignore our calls and emails, but they will see us.

Please read these and/or the following list of questions and record yourself asking 1-3 of them, or one of your own as long as it is clean, respectful, and serious. Then record your family and friends doing the same.

The clips should not be more than 1 min. Deadline is 9 a.m. Sunday. Please upload your videos this link here. If you want to ask more than one, please break up each set of questions by category (e.g. financial responsibility, ability to consent, filing a claims, etc.)


    1. How is the medical provider going to confirm that my child is 12, 13, 14 or 15? 12 to 15 year olds do not have driver’s licenses.
    2. If my child goes to a pharmacy to get the shot instead of from his pediatrician, how will that pediatrician know my child’s medical history and if the vaccine is safe for him?
    3. Many children with exceptional needs do not present as such and appear to know what they want to do, but have zero capacity to appreciate risk or how to avoid it. How is the medical provider going to confirm this?
    4. How is a provider going to know that the vaccine does not conflict with a child’s IEP?
    5. Are medical providers aware that they are opening themselves up to serious liability for potentially vaccinating and causing life-long injuries, but not necessarily death, to children without the provider knowing anything about the child, and the parent not there to provide information? That is clear-cut professional recklessness, not even negligence. How can a provider justify giving this care??
    6. How is the provider going to ensure that my child is asking to get the vaccine because she wants it to protect her from a virus, and not because she wants to go to prom or play soccer or keep her spot on the debate team and not lose her scholarship so she can go to college, or so she can hang with her friends or stay in school in person?That she is giving legally valid – voluntary, knowing – consent?
    7. Who will take care of my child if she is injured by a vaccine I did not consent or even know about it?
    8. Will I be financially responsible for my child’s medical care if he is injured by a vaccine I did not consent to or even know about?
    9. Will I be financially responsible to support him if he is disabled by a vaccine I did not consent to or even know about?
    10. Will my insurance cover any adverse reactions my child suffers from the vaccine, even if I did not consent to it?
    11. How will I know if my child is having an adverse reaction to a vaccine? How will I be able to help her if I do not know she has and cannot look out for the symptoms? How can I help if she is already unconscious or refuses to admit that something is wrong and she took it without me?
    12. My child is 13 and cannot file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund until she is 18. The window to file a claim is 3 years from the date of first symptom. She will never be 18 during that timeframe. How will she get help if she is injured?
      1. Just so people know I am not a liar, here are links to the provisions that say this::
        1. 21 U.S.C. § 300aa-11(b)(1)(A) the term “petitioner” (person making a claim on the Compensation Fund) is any person who has sustained a vaccine-related injury, the legal representative of such person if such person is a minor or is disabled”
        2. 42 U.S.C. §300aa-16(a)(2) “no petition may be filed for compensation under the Program for such injury after the expiration of 36 months after the date of the occurrence of the first symptom or manifestation of onset or of the significant aggravation of such injury . . .”
    1. A child cannot file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund until she is 18. How will she get help if she is injured and I am not there to file a claim on her behalf?
    2. How come in 2021 the California Legislature approved a tax on vaping after Governor Newsom signed legislation in 2020 to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products aimed at children, including those use in electronic cigarettes, because minors do not have the prefrontal cortex development to appreciate or weigh the risks, but now they do to make irreversible, potentially life-altering vaccines?
    3. Minors cannot drink, drive, vape, or buy cigarettes. How come they can they choose to take irreversible, possibly life-altering vaccines?
    4. If Senate Bill 1419 passes and my child can seal her records, how will I ever be able to find out what vaccines has has received and what to look for? How will I know to direct his future care if I ever need to?
    5. If my child can consent to the vaccine, can she  decline the vaccine?
    6. If it is anyone other than the parent or legal guardian, files the claim on behalf of the child, it is illegal and a fraud on the federal government. Is Senator Wiener encouraging or setting our children up to defraud on the federal government if they need help?!


Please see our updated library of letters, talking points, questions, rebuttals, and flyers to use when we meet with, call and email our reps to help us kill SB866 for good.

Now is your chance to #speakup and ACT. Do not be afraid. Do not miss this. Do not ever let your self wonder, “What if….” We have no more time, but we do have a very real opportunity to #KILLTHEBILL.


#NOWisthetie #TheTimeIsNow to #RISEUP and #protectthechildren

Yours in the Fight,
Your FLTJ Team