June 15, 22

We. Are. Winning.

Senator Weiner did not have the votes to pass SB866 in the Assembly. All the hard work of our organizations, parents, and fellow Human Beings and concerned California citizens had this bill all but dead… until the amendments came. Weiner had to amend the Bill – increasing the age of consent to all vaccines to 15 rather than 12 – to save it from dying in the Assembly. As a result, the Assembly will be hearing the amendment tomorrow, Thursday, June 16th, at 9am, on the Assembly Floor. 

This is why FLTJ does not support amendments (or exemptions) and our exclusive goal has always been to kill. the. bills. (and mandates, “guidance,” “recommendations,” guidelines, etc.). We do not negotiate with terror***s. We do not seek edits or modifications to bills (mandates, guidance, etc.) that, on their face, are illegal, unconstitutional, and dangerous to children and the future of our society. We do not give our elected officials an excuse or “out” to support a a bill “because it was amended” and “less bad.” Amendments (like exemptions) distract from the real issue at hand: the proposal is illegal, unconstitutional, dangerous and – if it becomes law – will be struck down as invalid. Why are we even discussing it???

So now what?

Do not let up on our opposition to the Bill, in its entirety, amended or not:

  1. Forward this to every person you know.
    1. If your contacts need more information, have them watch our Instagram LIVE from @factslawtruthjustice.
  2. CALL. THEM. NOW. Leave voicemails. Fill their inboxes. Ask them to “OPPOSE SB866 AND ANY AMENDMENTS.”
    1. Legislator Contact Information.
    2. See sample script and talking points, below.
    3. If you are a constituent, please be sure to identify yourself by first name and zip code. 
  3.  Email them now, too.
    1. Same as above.
    2. Email them our “15 Questions” and “Legal Rebuttal,” again, and ask “Does the amendment answer or address any of these questions or issues? (Short Answer: NO).”
    3. Forward them PERK’S “SB866 Real Facts” flyer.
  4. Complete CAFK’S One Click Opposition Campaign.
  5. Go to your Sent Folder and follow up every email you have sent regarding SB86.
    1. Ask the staffer and contacts you have made along the way to continue to oppose SB866 and any amendments.
  6. Get ready to head to the Capitol for the hearing tomorrow.
    1. Hearing starts at 9 a.m. We recommend arriving at 8 a.m., 8:30 a.m. at the latest to get a seat.
  7. If you cannot attend – or even if you can, on the drive there – call the offices again on your way and during the entire hearing.
    1. If they are getting enough calls during the hearing, they have to go to the floor and tell their member.

Sample Script:

Dear Assembly member:

We have been told that an amendment to SB86 raising the age of consent from 12 to 15 will be voted on tomorrow at the Assembly Floor Hearing. You must continue to oppose this Bill and any proposed amendments because no amendment – including the one to be considered tomorrow – can make this Bill legal or safe for children. No amendment can fix the bill so it does not conflict with federal or state law; not destroy critical relationships between children and the adults who are responsible for and care for them; or not endanger children by allowing them to make potentially life-changing, irreversible decisions without all of the necessary facts or physical, emotional, psychological or financial support before, during or after the decision is made. This bill – as currently written, and even if amended to 15 – endangers children 15, 16, and 17 years old. We know the Assembly member does not stand for harming children. Therefore, we are reminding the Assembly member to OPPOSE SB866 AND ANY PROPOSED AMENDMENTS.”

Let the Legislators and their Staff wake up to the alarm that has been set off by parents across this state!


Yours in the Fight,
FLTJ Warriors

Written in collaboration with our advocacy partners, PERK.