June 20, 22



THURSDAY, June 16, the motion to amend Senate Bill 866 to increase the age of consent to all vaccines from 12 to 15 years of age was approved. This amendment did not resolve any of SB866’s fatal legal, ethical, or practical flaws:

      • It does not make the bill comply with federal law, the U.S. or California Constitutions, Federal Code of Regulations or California Health and Safety Codes, and will be struck down as invalid in court.
      • It does not protect and puts children – albeit “just” the 15, 16 and 17 year old ones – in the dangerous position of making irreversible, life-altering decisions without knowing critical information or personal, medical or financial support.
      • It does not protect or honor the parent / guardian-child relationship, or respect the private medical decision-making of families.
      • It does not protect or honor the doctor-patient relationship or medical Code of Ethics.
      • It does not protect and actually targets immigrant and minority children, and children with exceptional needs.

SB866 is unconstitutional, illegal, and dangerous as currently or potentially written. SB866 and any amendments must die. While the amendment could have derailed all of our grassroots successes, it helped us by showing that we. can.kill.this.bill:

      1. Thirty-eight (38) Assemblymembers voted for the amendment,
        1. 2 did so as a “professional courtesy” to the Party, but not because they support or will vote to approve SB866 when it comes to floor vote,
      2. Twenty-two (22) Assemblymembers opposed the amendment,
        1. This is HUGE, bipartisan, and showing a shift in perspective regarding minors, healthcare, and the parent-child relationship.
      3. Sixteen (16) abstained on voting on the amendment,
      4. Four (4) were absent for the vote
        1. Two (2) of these absentees have “serious concerns” about the Bill.

This means Senator Wiener has only 36 confirmed votes and we have another critical opportunity to kill the bill for good. SB866 still needs to go to a floor vote to pass out of the Assembly House. If a majority of the Assembly – 41 – vote “Aye” for SB866 as amended, then it will go to the Senate for Concurrence vote. If 40 or less Assembly people vote “No” or Abstain from voting, the bill dies. The pressure is on. GET. TO. WORK.


The earliest this can happen is Monday, June 20, 2022 at 1 p.m. Because he does not have the votes, we do not think this will happen; however, anything can happen at any time, so if you can make it, please go. This is not only a chance to watch the hearing and hold our elected representatives accountable, but a powerful opportunity to meet with elected officials and lobby to KILL THE BILL. If SB866 is not voted on Monday, we have 3 more days left before the Assembly goes on break the month of July:

  • Thursday, June 23, 9 a.m.,
  • Monday, June 27, 1 p.m., or
  • Thursday, June 30, 9 a.m.


  1. Visit your representatives at their local, district offices Friday, June 17.
  2. Speak to them at a local event this weekend.
    1. Lobby against SB866 and 
      1. SB1419 – Josh Becker – minors can seal their medical records,
      2. SB1497 – Richard Pan – perpetual school testing with digital records and data sent to CADPH,
      3. AB2098 – Evan Low – medical noose – counter-narrative recommendations and medical advice “professional misconduct”,
      4. AB1797 – Akilah Weber- one central, Digital, state-developed and maintained medical record database.
  3. If they have voted against the bill or amendment, go to other local representatives’ offices and events. 
    1. Who we think can and will vote with Integrity and Honor:
        1. David Alvarez – NEW, just sworn in Wednesday. Congratulate him, then encourage him not to join the extremist ranks. Identify his moderate, Democratic colleagues, who support families and protect children. He is a moderate. Check his website!
        2. Joaquin Arambula
        3. Tasha Boerner Horvath
        4. Mia Bonta
        5. Isaac Bryan
        6. Lisa Calderon
        7. Sabrina Cervantes
        8. Ken Cooley
        9. Jim Cooper
        10. Tom Daly
        11. Laura Friedman
        12. Eduardo Garcia
        13. Mike Gipson
        14. Adam Gray
        15. Timothy Grayson
        16. Chris Holden
        17. Jaqui Irwin
        18. Ash Kalra
        19. Chad Mayes
        20. Kevin McCarty
        21. Jose Medina
        22. Kevin Mullin
        23. Adrin Nazarian
        24. Anthony Rendon
        25. Eloise Gomez-Reyes
        26. Luz Rivas
        27. Robert Rivas
        28. Freddie Rodriguez
        29. Blanca Rubio
        30. Lori Wilson
  4.   If for some serious, major reason you cannot go to their office, call and email, post and tag them, using the CA Legislators Contact Info. Matrix we created with PERK.
  5. Request a ZOOM or in person meeting Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
    1. Ask for 10-15 minutes. Make it work.
    2. Email over our SB866 Resources beforehand to allow them time to prepare.
    3. Focus on the PERK “Real Facts” Flyer, FLTJ, Questionnaire, and the FLTJ / PERK Rebuttal.
  6. Buy your tickets to Sacramento! Monday, June 20.
    1. Our Grassroots Coalition will be meeting, again, at 10 a.m. to link arms with you and lead you into another successful day of in-person lobbying with our Assemblymembers.
    2. At 12:30 p.m. you will go together to the Capitol to watch the Assembly floor vote that begins at 1 p.m.
  7. Thank these Assembly members who have taken official, public positions opposing SB866, including any amendments: 
    1. Patrick O’Donnell
    2. James Ramos
    3. Sharon Quirk-Silva
    4. Carlos Villapudua
  8. Complete and SHARE these remote action items AGAIN:

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#NowIsTheTime #TheTimeIsNow #LinkUp #ArmorUp #RiseUp #ProtectTheChildren

Yours in the Fight.