Summer of Rage

June 25, 22


Many of you have been asking for my analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade and New York State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n, Inc. v. Bruen (the Second Amendment gun case) and asking “where I am on all of this.” The truth of the matter is (1) I am also a human and reeling from these decisions and wondering what they will mean for our society – immediately and in the future – and (2) these are complex decisions involving hundreds of years of precedent and years of mental gymnastics, intellectual hypocrisy and gas lighting to unravel and explain. Additionally, it appears that many (most) of us have forgotten what we learned in high school history class, so there is a lot of foundation to lay before delving into these kinds of analyses. FLTJ is not a news agency or alarmist. We will never ring the alarm without explaining to you what happened, why, and – most importantly – what to do about it.


All of this being said, our analysis of these two cases is quite simple, and can actually be boiled down to two words that – I hope – will drive the point home of what is actually going on and what you need to do about it, NOW, so we can move on from these discussions and focus on saving Humanity (literally, please read on):

False. Flags.

No, I am not saying that these rulings are not real or will not have any meaning or effect, or that the tens millions of lives that they will impact do not exist. What I am saying is is . . . they are false flags.

                            “A political or military action carried out with the intention of blaming an opponent for it.”

Are the decisions themselves false flags? Not necessarily. Are the reactions to them, up to and including the “Summer of Rage” that has been promised by Roe proponents, which will happily be piggy-backed on by pro-gun reform activists? Probably (yes). What better way to divide and pit us against each other, while stripping away our right to bear arms for self-defense, than to issue these two rulings juuuusttttttt in time for all every woke undergrad and XYZ to be out for Summer with all the time in the world to rio- er, I mean, “peacefully protest”?


But why?


While you have been out there Facebook fighting with that girl from high school whose name you didn’t even remember (and did not want to remember from what you could recall), we have been teetering on the precipice of a medical apartheid, digital dictatorship and you haven’t stopped once to call your rep to ask what is going on. In just the last few weeks – globally – we have seen the World Economic Forum Conference take place, with “Featured Topics” including Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, “The Metaverse”, Cyber-security, and Workforce / Employment; the WHO Pandemic Treaty discussed, with the goal “to foster an all of government and all of society approach” to addressing future pandemics, including fully-integrated, international, digital alert systems, data-sharing, and research and distribution of vaccines, testing, and personal protective equipment, among other things; the FDA granting emergency use authorization of experimental injections in babies, where there is neither an emergency or need; and – locally – in California, completely out-of-touch CV19 alarmists advancing not one but three radical CV19 bills to further these Plans.


What do I mean?

    • Senate Bill 866 (Wiener), which will reduce the age of consent to vaccines and experimental medical procedures, e.g. CV19 injections, to 15 instead of 18. We are so close to killing this bill. However, energy is waning as amendments reopened discussions into “who can truly consent” and we thought the bill was all but dead (it was).
        • Going to Assembly floor for vote as soon as Monday.
    • Senate Bill 1419 (Becker), SB866’s cruel twin, will allow minors where they are able to consent to treatment – vaccinations (if SB866 passes), mental health, gender affirming therapies, abortions, etc. – to seal their records so that no one who is responsible for them or wants to help them can.
        • Assembly Judiciary Hearing: TBA.
    • Senate Bill 1479 (Pan), will require all schools to develop CV19 testing programs in order for children to attend school in person, but also requires that (1) the program be able to “expand its contagious, infectious, or communicable disease testing and other public health mitigation efforts to include prekindergarten, onsite after school programs, and childcare centers;” (2) “all COVID-19 testing data be in a format that facilitates a simple process by which parents and local educational agencies may report data to the department [CDPH];” and (3) the CDPH gets to choose which tests to use. No sunset clause or end date.
        • In other words: perpetual nasal swab testing – or whatever test is most politically and financially beneficial for the CDPH / State – for your children in daycare and up to attend in person with all their genetic information and data uploaded into a digital system that reports directly to the State.
        • Assembly Education Committee Hearing Date: 06/29/22
    • Assembly Bill 1797 (Dr. Akilah Weber) would merge all of California’s existing immunization (note: not vaccination but immunization (because one can be immunized albeit not vaccinated against a disease via natural immunity)) databases into one centralized, digital database – California Immunization Registry (“CAIR”) where schools, doctors, and any local agency will have access to all records, not just those of their patients or children.
        • Senate Education Committee Hearing Date: 06/30/22
    • Assembly Bill 2098 (Evan Low) will strangle the abilities and voices of medical providers who give medical advice or treatment that contradicts or simply does not follow the main-stream, then-current CDC dictated CV19 protocol.
        • Senate Business, Professions & Economic Develop. Committee Hearing Date: 06/27/22

So that’s it. There you have it. While you are busy Twitter fighting about whether or not people should have to be accountable and responsible for their personal choices they are, literally, cementing the details of this digital government system and eliminating the medical profession in its entirety, all of which will render your 3 a.m. text battles obsolete.



    1. SB866 can be heard Monday, June 27, or Thursday, June 30. If this bill passes, everything we have done to kill the other Bad Bills will mean nothing because our children will be able to go out and get treatments without us anyway.
    2. If 1419 passes, we will never be able to find out about it.
    3. If 2098 passes, even the most well-intentioned pediatrician (assuming your child goes to their office) will not be able to advise against the demanded treatment.
    4. If 1479 passes, your child will have to test to go to school and, mark my words, if the child can consent to vaccines, they will be able to consent to “just a little test” so you will no longer be able to protect your child from those ineffective, unsafe treatments.
    5. If 1797 passes, all of your efforts to shield your children and direct their future and care will be null and voice because their test results and vaccine verifications will be uploaded into a centralized, digital database run by the government, which dictates what tests and vaccines are necessary in order for your child to go to school.

Make sense now?



    1. Call your reps. Ask where they stand on these bills. Ask for official public statements, and say you will continue to call and ask for meetings until you get them.
    2. Ask for a 15 minute meeting to discuss 4 important bills.
      1. If you are good you will get more time.
      2. Send emails ahead of time with our Resources:
        1. AB2098
        2. SB866
        3. 1419, 1479 and 1797 packages coming soon.
      3. Try in person, but take the ZOOM.
        1. M-Th in their Capitol / Sacramento offices.
        2. Fri in their local / District offices.
        3. Sat, Sun at local events. Find out where and attend!
      4. Either way follow up with a “Thank You” email, providing any resources or answers that were left outstanding, and your contact information in case they have any further questions.
    3. Go. To. The. Capitol. Make them see your faces. Meet them in the hallways or in their offices. Thank the ones supporting Parental and Human Rights and Freedom.


STOP. GETTING. DISTRACTED. Focus on the work at your feet. And get it done.


Your FLTJ Team