Happy Independence Day

July 6, 22


We, here, at FLTJ are all in on this – on you, on our children, on US – even when “out of office” because HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

What’s happening now will happen again (assuming we survive it) unless we ALL rise up together & SPEAK up against

EVERY injury,
EVERY job lost,
EVERY business stolen,
EVERY murder,
EVERY crime,
EVERY injustice,
Every human & civil rights violation,
Every inconsistency,
Every LIE

until there’s none.

Today is a day to celebrate but also to REMEMBER & to RENEW – or in some cases declare (which is great) – our Oath to defend & protect the Rights, Privileges, Freedoms & Safeguards built into the fabric of our Nation. Today celebrates the day delegates from the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson, which was based on ideals – not for personal gain nor ambition or to separate the American colonies from Britain, or to rattle off the grievances that the colonists held against the British, particularly the King (better economy, a republican, representative government, the misery to end) – but to declare that “a government is subject to the people that it governs,” those people possessing certain inalienable rights that – by definition – cannot be taken, suspended, bartered with, exchanged, even given away. They are so are intrinsically part of each and every person by the sheer fact of being bon, that violation of these rights is to steal or violate the very essence of the person. And so, the Declaration of Independence was not only a stand against Britain; it was a stand for Humanity and Freedom.

Most fail to fully grasp the audacity of the task the Founders set before them at the risk of complete personal annihilation, which they experienced, yet their “extremism,” their “radicalism” was necessary, succeeded, and opened an entirely new era in advancement of Human Rights.

                              Is it perfect? No.
                              Was the road to the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence straight? No.
                              Will it continue to be? Probably not.
                              But we push forward.

We do not burn down a sturdy house with some of the best – & some exclusive – amenities in the world with a strong foundation that provides insurmountable protection because some of the systems need adjustment. We reflect. We modify. We IMPROVE. We do not throw the proverbial baby away with the bathwater. If we do, what will happen to us and – more importantly – what will we be left with?

So I ask… ARE YOU ALL IN TOO? We at FLTJ hope so. It is lonely here on the front lines but, more importantly, you need to do this. For your those who preceded you, will follow you, and for everyone in the middle. The United States is the beacon of Hope for the entire World. If we let it fall, again, we ask: what will happen to us, to Humanity? And what will we be left with? 

Enjoy today & celebrate how far we have come. Then rest, recharge & prepare to RISE UP to protect this and all the opportunity it brings in the Future.

Happy 4th of July,
Your FLTJ Delegates, Advocates, Warriors & Allies

Yours in this Fight. Past, Present, and Future.

🙏🏽❤️💪🏽⚡️⚔️🔥 🇺🇸 💥