July 9, 22

Have you heard of Assembly Bill 1940?

It is Assemblyman Rudy Salas’s bill that will turn schools into “School-Based Health Care Centers” that would provide primary medical care, behavioral health services, reproductive health services, substance use disorder services, and dental care – among other services – on school campuses or through mobile or telehealth. 


  • “School-based health centers work collaboratively with school staff and administrators to meet the spectrum of health and prevention needs in a school community.” [no mention of parents, guardians or families anywhere]
  • Standardized data collection on an ongoing basis.
  • Mandatory reporting (“shall report data”) to the State Department of Public Health to the extent that state funding is provided to the center.
  • Strive [gotta love “strive”!] to provide a comprehensive and integrated set of health care services, provided or supervised by licensed or credentialed professionals,  which may include the following:
      • (A) Physical examinations, immunizations, and other preventive medical services.
      • (B) Diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries and acute medical conditions.
      • (C) Management of chronic medical conditions.
      • (D) Basic laboratory tests.
      • (E) Referrals to and followup for specialty care.
      • (F) Reproductive health services.
      • (G) Nutrition services.
      • (H) Mental health services provided or supervised by an appropriately licensed or credentialed  mental health professional may include: assessments, crisis intervention, counseling, treatment, and referral to a continuum of services including emergency psychiatric care, community support programs, inpatient care, and outpatient programs.
        • The health centers providing mental health services as specified in this section shall consult with the local county mental health department for collaboration in planning and service delivery.
      • (I) Substance use disorder services, including education, prevention, screening, early interventions, counseling, and referral to treatment services.
      • (J)  Oral health services that may include preventive services, basic restorative services, and referral to specialty services.
  • Transportation to and from health care centers,
  • Services regardless of ability to pay,
  • Priority to centers serving areas designated as federally medically underserved, with a shortage of health professionals, or areas “experiencing health disparities in child and adolescent access to primary care, behavioral health, preventative health or oral health services.”

“No” or “Yes, what’s the big deal??”

Have you heard about these remaining Bad Bills?

Senator Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 866, which will allow 15+-year-olds to consent to medicine (“vaccines”), in addition to sexual / reproductive health services, mental health services, substance use services, which their 12 year old counterparts can already consent to. You have certainly heard of this one, yes?  

No? Well, how about Senator Becker’s Senate Bill 1419. SB1419 is referenced in Senator Wiener’s bill’s analysis and will allow minors to seal their medical records when they do consent to their care without their parent’s / guardian’s knowledge or consent. Have you heard about this additional barrier between you and your child’s health and medical care?  

Yes??? Ok great! And Dr. Akilah Weber’s Assembly Bill 1797, which will upload your child’s records into one, centralized, digital CDPH database, along with your child’s genetic information & test results, which will be gathered via Senator Pan’s Senate Bill 1497: COVID-19 testing in schools, with will require schools to have CV19 testing plans and capabilities “to expand its contagious, infectious, or communicable disease testing and other public health mitigation efforts” beyond CV19, and “include prekindergarten, onsite after school programs, and childcare centers.” How about these two?

Oh wait, what? You have, but you are not worried about these because the “health care professional” providing the services will be licensed and would not possibly give your child medicine, treatment or care he or she did not need….

Then obviously you have not heard about Assemblyman Evan Low’s Assembly Bill 2098, which will criminalize and punish doctors who do not prescribe and treat in accordance with the prevailing Seedy Sea / Ef Dee Aye narrative.

And, no, if you do not rise up right now, you will not be able to go to your school board and Board of Supervisors’ meetings to voice your objections, seek help, or share your story because Senator Dave Cortese plans to keep you out of these meetings for “disorderly conduct” under Senate Bill 1100.


You should be worried. That video☝🏽is Washington state. That dad supported these policies and had no idea this was going on with his own son under policies he thought would support families in need achieve “equitable healthcare outcomes.” They are building public centers for your children to get “healthcare” and treatment without you having any idea, but with you remaining on the hook not only for any subsequent healthcare or treatment, for any support they might need for who knows how long. 

So what now?

WAKE UP, READ UP, LINK UP, and get ready to RISE UP come August 1. Summer is ending and the Legislative session will be starting back up. Soon your children will be suffocated, harassed, and mistreated again and battered around like political pingpong balls, and you will be staring down the barrel of non-stop “emergency” Calls to Action to stave off votes you could have already secured over the next 3 weeks. Stop wasting time doing the work we have prepared for you, then complaining that everything is “last minute” / “emergency” / “rush.” GET. TO. WORK.:

  1. Read the Bad Bills, each of them. Their actual text.
  2. Read our FLTJ / PERK Talking Points;
  3. Share this information with everyone you know.
  4. Come up with your own talking points, letters, and emails then
  5. Schedule meetings with and go to your – and reps supporting these bills – local / district offices and local events to get to know them and have them put faces to names.

GET TO WORK. Summer Break is almost over.

We are almost there. 9 Bad Bills down, 5 more to go.

Your FLTJ Team