July 23, 22

“What’s here?” you ask.

There’s nothing to see.  There’s no picture or meme or GIF to help you figure it out, just two big ominous words, “IT’S HERE.” That’s because there is nothing – no photo, meme, or GIF – that can capture or convey the deafening silence of a child’s future being thrown away.  His health.  His safety.  His medical care.  His support. 

In October 2021, 13 year old Moises Duarte was vaccinated at a school vaccination clinic during a “vaccine pizza party” where students could receive a hot meal (pizza) in exchange for a vaccine.  The youngest of 6 children to a single mom working three jobs, Moises was hungry.  And tired of feeling left out.  And tired of being questioned about his private medical history and personal health issues and why wasn’t vaccinated.  Plus his teachers were encouraging him to do it and the clinic staffer (presumably, identity TBD) told him not to worry about it, just sign his and his mother’s name, get the jab, grab a slice, and go.  The vaccine was safe and effective, after all – all the billboards, radio ads, raffles and advertisements at school said so – and, apparently, everyone else was doing it, so, what did he have to lose?

Don’t make me say it.

Within hours, Moises’s health began deteriorating, and has progressively gotten worse.  But even worse than that is the complete and utter, deafening silence from Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy teachers, faculty and staff, and Los Angeles Unified School District officials in response to his mom’s cries.  Which is why FACTS LAW TRUTH JUSTICE stepped in to formally initiate a Government Tort Claim against the school and district in an effort to get Maribel and her son help.*

But the District’s deadline to respond to Moises’s claim has arrived and the answer is…. silence.

With very few exceptions, you cannot sue the government – state, county, and local government agencies or departments, as well as government employees – for money damages unless you have filed a written claim meeting the requirements of the California Tort Claims Act (Government Code §§ 810-996.6).  Filing a claim gives the agency the opportunity to investigate the claim so that it can properly defend itself and correct the conditions or practices that led to it, and to settle the claim before a lawsuit is filed.  The agency has 45 days after receiving your claim to take action (50 days if you are mailing within CA, 55 days if you are mailing in US, but outside of CA, 65 days if you are mailing outside of US): accept the claim and resolve it; reject the claim, thereby authorizing a lawsuit; or do nothing, which is equivalent to rejecting the claim and authorizing litigation.

And so every parent’s worst nightmare and our lawsuit is here.

The terrifying reality that we have been warning you about for the last 2 years is finally here and become a reality.  Despite witness testimony, written documentation, and evidence proving that Moises was vaccinated at a clinic run by the school, during school hours, as part of the District and School’s “Safe Steps to Safe Schools” vaccine campaign, as well as written documentation of Moises’s deteriorating health, the District and Academy are ignoring this child’s harm.  They have not responded or offered to discuss or resolve Moises’s claim, or to help.

“BUT HOW?,” you will ask.

  • Didn’t the school / district require the shot?
  • Didn’t the school / district run vaccination clinic on campus, and support legislation that would let the child get vaccinated without a parent’s consent?
  • Didn’t the school / district encourage (bully, threaten, harass) the child to get the vaccine? And promise to give him food, cash, and prizes for doing so (and threaten to kick him out, exclude, and further bully, threaten and harass him if he didn’t)?
  • Doesn’t the parent have written documentation of the vaccine administered at the school during the school vaccination clinic?!
  • How can this be???

Because they truly do not care about the health and safety of your children and they know you will not step up to hold them accountable.  Even more than that, the California Legislature is currently considering legislation that will completely insulate these Bad Actors from liability.  They are simply waiting for the system to pass.


Let me explain. Again: California is creating a digital, statewide, mandatory, medical-apartheid system that every California will be forced into and kids will be allowed to opt into without their parents knowing, let alone consenting, because of the following 6 remaining “Bad Bills” currently before the California Legislature:

      • Senator Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 866: vaccine consent will allow children as young as 15 to consent to vaccines without their parents knowing, let alone consenting.
      • Senator Josh Becker’s Senate Bill 1419: health informationwill allow these – and children as young as 11 who consented to sexual and reproductive healthcare, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment under previously passed, current laws – elect to seal their medical records, where they consented to care without their parents knowledge or consent.  Because why not really box out the adults legally responsible from their child’s health and medical care?  What are these legislators and doctors trying so hard to hide???
      • Assemblywoman Akilah Weber’s Assembly Bill 1797: immunization registry will then allow these doctors and school officials to upload the records of your child – some of which you might not even know exist – into one, centralized, digital database, along with their race / ethnicity, and authorize schools, childcare facilities, family childcare homes, and county human services agencies to use your child’s immunization information to perform immunization status assessments of pupils, adults, and clientsto ensure health and safety
        • Literally, WHAT in the actual EF.  This is some next level, CCP-style “healthcare” happening before our eyes.
        • WHAT Is an “immunization status assessment”?
        • Who conducts THIS?
        • WHY?  What triggers the assessment?
        • SO. 🇨🇳  MANY. 🇨🇳 RED. 🇨🇳 FLAGS.
      • Even if you and your child are able to withstand the pressures, threats, temptation, and outright desperation to get a vaccine and “return to normal,” you will still be shunted into this system by Senator Pan’s Senate Bill 1497: COVID-19 testing in schools, which will require schools to have CV19 testing plans and capabilities “to expand its contagious, infectious, or communicable disease testing and other public health mitigation efforts” beyond CV19, and “include prekindergarten, onsite after school programs, and childcare centers.”  This bill has no sunset clause, meaning no end date, meaning perpetual gathering, monitoring and sharing of your child’s genetic information, all stored in a centralized, state-run digital database (see AB1797)
      • But your doctor would never do that, you say?
      • And, no, if you do not get engaged, reach out to your California representatives and reach out to them and others supporting these Bad Bills and ask them these critical questions about the Bad Bills, you will not be able to go to your school board and Board of Supervisors’ meetings to voice your objections, seek help, or share your story because Senator Dave Cortese plans to keep you out of these meetings for “disorderly conduct” under Senate Bill 1100: Open meetings; orderly conduct.

      CALIFORNIA PARENTS: you are about to be completely excluded from your child’s school-based healthcare(never thought I’d see the day I’d write that), but left holding the bag when it fails.


      We RISE.

      Stay tuned for next steps.  We will not be silent while the most vulnerable in our communities are systematically targeted and attacked.