How to Kill Los Angeles Mask Mandate and #FireFerrer

Jul 25, 2022

The look of a dictator, and also my face when another mask mandate is suggested.


    1. Fraud,
    2. Collusion,
    3. Hypocrisy,
    4. Dangerously unqualified,
    5. Failing, lethal, racist policies,
    6. Mafia ties,
    7. Flagrant, knowing, intentional disregard for the Law.
    8. Among so many other things.

But Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, we WANT to protect workers and the most vulnerable, you always say that. I know she is admittedly skirting the law, but isn’t this a good thing???

NO. Because the reason the state or federal government hasn’t implemented “protections” such as forced masking, testing, or vaccinations is because no one – government, employer, school, appointed “health officer” – can mandate an non-FDA approved, FDA-authorized experimental protocol / device / treatment / medicine / ETC. and, even if they could, they would have to recognize and honor medical and religious / personal beliefs exemptions and grant them without penalty AND they would have to go through the proper legal, legislative channels to ensure accuracy, safety, legality, and due process of law!

The workaround to actually following the #science + #medicine +#LAW is not to suspend all the rules that would otherwise rely upon and require them to allow an appointed, non-elected official to announce dangerous, illegal decrees. That is not only unsafe, illegal and unconstitutional, but a direct threat to the Separations of Powers and Checks and Balances systems integral to our Constitutional Democracy. 

Simply put: allowing Barbara Ferrer – and/or San Diego County and/or Culver City – to unilaterally mandate masks, again, without any science or data in support sets a dangerous precedent that our Laws and Constitutions do not matter and that these can be circumvented in a “state of emergency,” which will only lead to more “states of emergency.”

Plus she’s an idiot. Is this seriously the “medical expert” leading the charge!???  #FireFerrer #RISEUP #protectthechildren


    1. Submit a Public Comment BY NOON TODAY (Monday, 7/25) to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors OPPOSING the mask mandate:
      2. Make sure you check the “OPPOSE” button which is the 2d button to the right, intentionally confusing. 
      3. Check this post to make sure you do it correctly:
    2. Email the Supervisors to tell them you (1) OPPOSE any new mask mandate & (2) DEMAND that Babs be fired.
      1. Emails:
      2. PRO TIPS:
        1. You cannot email all the Supervisors at once. That would be a Brown Act violation and lord knows how much they respect that!!! In all seriousness, if you email all of them – or BCC them – they can delete the email, so best practice is to email each Supervisor individually.  
        2. For the one who is yours, identify your ZIP so they know you are a constituent.  For the ones who are not yours, make your demands then zip it!
        3. Find your Supervisor:
    3. Sign Petition to fire Barbara Ferrer:
    4. Find more information here:
    5. Stay tuned for plans before tomorrow’s 9:30 a.m. Board Meeting.


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