Thank You

July 28, 22


That’s it.  From the bottom of our hearts:

Thank you for giving this story the attention and concern it needs.

Thank you FOX News for sharing the Duarte’s full story and airing the entire press conference.

The Duarte’s sorry is tragic.  And it is not the only one.  It is a precursor — a foreshadowing — to parents and guardians of children in California of the dangers to come should any of the remaining “Bad Bills” take effect.

Recall: what happened to then-13-year-old Moises happened before any law was passed reducing the age of consent for vaccines to 15 (or even 12).  It is the byproduct of harassing, threatening, bullying, abusive, dangerous, illegal policies, “recommendations,” “guidance,” and campaigns implemented by schools, districts, businesses and organizations across the state, without any #science, #medicine, #data, #legalauthority, or #commondecency in support.  It is the product of money- and power-hungry and/or indebted “public servants,” special interest groups, and terrified, disoriented, (selfish) citizens who had zero qualms risking sacrificing another faceless child to the COVIDIAN Overlords.

It is a tragedy. And it is certain to happen again…

And again and again unless we all, as a community of like-minded — or even not-so-like-minded — decent Human Beings, adults, Guardians and Protectors of the Voiceless and Vulnerable take action now.

If you missed it, here are links to the media outlets brave enough to cover this story:



Thank you, too, to our partners at The Unity Project who spearheaded this press conference and made it happen.  We are grateful for your dedication to this Cause, your perseverance, your patience, your compassion and open-mindedness.  So much to say, but will leave it at that, for now.

It certainly does take a village….

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See you on this Hill.  R I S E.   U P.