August 20, 22

This is it, Friends.  We are – literally – at the end of the line.  Numerous major Bad Bills – AB 1400 (Chiu, Ting, Bryan, Carillo, universal healthcare), AB 1993 (Buffy, Low, jabs for jobs), SB 871 (Pan, jabs for joy and education), SB 1464 (Pan, defunding law enforcement that did not enforce ‘local health orders’), SB1390 (Pan, social media “disinformation”), SB 920 (Hurtado, inspection and release of private medical records without subpoena), AB 2539 (Choi, proof of vaccination) – were PULLED by their authors.

Some have passed out of both houses and are headed to the Governor’s desk for signing into law – SB 1100 (Cortese, “orderly conduct” in public meetings) and SB 1479 (Pan, requiring all schools to come up with testing plans) – but still have the opportunity to be killed on the Governor’s desk.  SB 1479 can also be killed if we can convince enough Senators not to affirm with their “concurrence” vote.  (Stay tuned for CTA’s and TONIGHT please watch this LIVE to hear what you need to do NOW).

The rest of the Bad Bills are poised to be Killed. 


Because (1) see the list above and (2) I have been there.  I have seen the interactions with your “Grassroots Lobbyists,” Allison, Amy, Courtney, Darrlene, Denise Aguilar, Denise Young, Erin, Fabian, Geniva, Graham, Gregg, Jessica, Jill, Karen, Kasia, Keryn, Kris, Mario, Max, Melissa, Michael, Natalie, Tara, Tim, Wendy, ET AL. (including me!).  I have heard the shock and disbelief of legislators hearing personal stories, concerns, and questions, and reading materials with information they have never seen or thought of before.  I have felt the shift in mood when we have made the point, the lightbulb goes off and the representative realizes, “Oh no,” as well as the warmth of a sincere handshake – and even hug, if you can believe it! – from appreciative Legislative Directors and Chiefs of Staff for doing the work that we are doing, which is helping them do theirs legally, thoughtfully, and intelligently.

Please watch this LIVE.

Shaun Frederickson and I cover all you need to know to kill the remaining Bad Bills and recover our State in the next 8 days.  It‘s not even two weeks.

We have 8 days to kill these Bad Bills:

  • SB 866 (Wiener): minors 15+ can consent to all vaccines,
  • SB 107 (Wiener): would prohibit (1) a healthcare provider from releasing a minor’s medical information in response to an out-of-state subpoena for records relating to gender-affirming physical or mental healthcare; (2) arresting or (3) extraditing an individual charged with violating another state’s law re: gender-affirming physical or mental healthcare; and (4) enforcing an order based on another state’s law authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on that parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming physical or mental healthcare in violation of that state’s law.  This is not an LGBQT+ issue. SB107 violates the Article IV, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, the “Full Faith and Credit Clause.” If California can ignore another state’s valid laws, subpoenas, judgments, rules in blatant violation of the USSC for one thing, what will be the next?  What will be the next Article of the USSC that can be voided at will by any state?  
  • SB 1419 (Becker): minors can seal their medical records where they can consent to treatment [sexual/reproductive health, mental health, substance abuse treatment, maybe: vaccination],
  • SB 1296 (Pan): development of a “Viral Surveillance Hub” [lol, I’m sorry, you can’t make this stuff up!] to communicate with laboratories that conduct “viral surveillance and genomic sequencing” and detects a novel virus or variant.
  • AB 1797 (Weber): digital, centralized, state-run immunization registry,
  • AB 1940 (Salas): “student-focused public health clinics” on public school campuses to provide primary, dental, “behavioral” healthcare, including “screening, diagnostic, and treatment to services to prevent, identify, or address physical or “behavioral” issues.
  • See these FLTJ/PERK Talking Points on the Bad Bills. 


  1. Send this email to 30 people asking them to read it and watch the LIVE.
  2. Invite them over for an open house, Sunday 3-5 p.m. to discuss this email and LIVE.
  3. Decide which 5 of each of you will cover which 2-3 bills most important to you.
    1. Note: easier to group by topic, e.g. SB 866, SB 1419, AB 1940; SB 1296, AB 1797; SB 107. 
  4. Pick one day this week (week of August 22, 2022) you are ALL going to go up to the Capitol together to meet with your Senator and Assemblyperson to discuss the bills you are concerned about. 
    1. Freedom Angels is hosting an Advocacy Day Tuesday, August 23, 9:30 a.m.-5p.m.
    2. If you cannot make it that day, reach out to Denise Aguilar, Tara ThortonPERK ( or FLTJ ( for training + one of us will be there every day, M-Th, until 8/31.
    3. Plan for one full day so you can meet with your representatives and/or their Chief of Staff or Legislative Director in their offices, and you can catch your reps walking around the Capitol.
    4. Take the first flight out (6/7 a.m.) and the last one back 6/7/8 p.m.).  ~$400RT
  5. Call, email, Tweet, and tag your representatives + any we identify as “leads” every day until you get a formal confirmation they oppose the bill you are asking about. 
    1. Don’t know who your reps are? Find them here.
  6. Send us any updates, meetings you secure and information you obtain during your lobbying.


Thank you for for being brave and taking up the Fight with us to protect the Children, the Families, and the Future of this State and Country.