September 9, 22

Do not be fooled by LIES.  What happened today, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, the day Senator Wiener decided to pull his dangerous, illegal, unconstitutional, immoral bill – Senate Bill 866 – was not the product of a minority, fringe, extremist group.  It was not the product of “harassment.”  Meeting with your elected representatives to discuss concerns about bills is not harassment.  The fact Senator Wiener would even suggest that is terrifying… and indicative of things to come in the future, as seen by Senator Dave Cortese’s 2022 Senate Bill 1100 “disorderly conduct,” which Newsom just signed into law.

The Win today was the result of thousands of tireless hours of millions of Californians uniting, educating and empowering each other, and rising up together to take their seats at the political table where we belong and have the right and obligation to be.  It was the product of measured, respectful, informed, consistent efforts from Californians from all political, religious, racial and professional backgrounds, meeting with their elected representatives to educate and inform them and ensure that they represent and protect the will of the people.

While we as California and U.S Citizens — lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, parents, concerned human beings — still have a tremendous amount of work to do to truly turn our state and country around, today marks a tremendous moment in California history.  Today marks the day that we know that we have the power and right to turn our communities into exactly what we want them to be.

Again, do not be fooled by lies.  Do not take the bait, or let him steal this major political victory that has completely turned the tide in California.  Wiener was so far off his votes, no one wanted to support this bill.  After Wednesday’s session concluded, Assemblymembers were grabbing us in the hallways thanking us for helping them hold the line, for giving them the information, tools, resources and leverage to push back and say no to this horrifying bill, even when Wiener was playing desperate, horrifying, under-handed political games at the end.  All of our hard work paid off.  This is not the product of just FLTJ’s, Freedom Angels’, PERK’s, CHD-CA’s, CAFK’s, San Diego Rise Up’s, Take a Stand Stanislaus’s, or any one organization’s work.  It is the product of all of our work together. 

Please remember this day forever

  • Today is the day WE turned the tide in California + resumed our rightful authority + position within our government.
  • Today is the day we REMEMBERED that we not only have the authority but the RIGHT to speak to our representatives, meet with them, ask them questions, share our stories, impart our concerns, ask them to proteft & actually represent the Will of the People. And to speak up when they do not.
  • Today is the day we realized that – together – we can do anything.
  • Today is the day we stop to acknowledge the community we have built, inroads WE have laid.
  • Today is the day we give thanks for the hopeful new journey that lays ahead.
  • Today is the last day of the Old, & the first day of the New.
  • Today is the last day I have to call you to R I S E because you already know how.

Please do not lose this feeling, momentum, knowledge, or community – this is how our political system should work – and if we continue to stay engaged, it will continue to be easier and easier to create, maintain, and achieve the results we want in our communities.

Thank you for trusting and believing in us and for doing the work.  We know that this was not easy… but it was worth it.  As will each Win be to come 🙂

C O N T I N U E  T O  R I S E

Your FLTJ Team