October 17, 22


At a CV19 hearing in the European Parliament, Pfizer executive Janine Small, admitted under oath to MEP Rob Roos(Netherlands) that Pfizer never tested its CV19 shots for prevention of transmission.

This is not an indictment on Pfizer. Let me be clear, Pfizer never represented that they tested re: transmission. Yes, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (who is a veterinarian, by the way (?!?)) represented that the vaccines prevented transmission “100%”; however, Pfizer never represented this that their “vaccines” did or had been tested for such and – even worse than that – neither the European Medical Agency nor F.D.A. required it. Also, you better believe that Pfizer’s in-house counsel, compliance, and every other applicable department was all over providing every single kind of disclaimer and detail regarding their “vaccines” – including extensive waivers of liability – before releasing their products to any country.

In other words: The problem is not Pfizer. The problem is with our government who knew the vaccines did not prevent transmission yet lied over and over again that they did in order to (1) call them vaccines (2) invoke “legal precedent” that “authorizes” state governments (not federal) to mandate actual vaccines in very limited circumstances (see our first FLTJ Blog Post on this) and (3) trigger complete immunity while doing so. Even more egregious than this is that our very own government held your health, children, families, businesses, livelihoods, homes, relationships, and lives hostage to cover up this lie, punish those who dared to question it, and completely eviscerate from those society those who refused to comply with – let alone believe in – it.

Simply put: Pfizer’s statement exposed its business partner and it’s business partner is the greatest criminal of all Time.

So that is it. It’s over, now. Again. Still. But forever. No take back’s. Their jig is up.

And you know what to do.

R I S E U P.