December 12, 22


… about Orange County, California’s “health campus,” a 20-acre property on the El Toro Marine Base along the railroad tracks?

… about Orange County’s developing “digital vaccine passport system”?

… about California’s “digital resident database” or “digital immunization registry”?

… that your personal data, including name, sex, date of birth, race/ethnicity, phone number, address, “limited information to help identify patients,” and immunization and tuberculosis history all gets reported to the state and federal governments?

… that you cannot opt out of that?

… that these systems already exist in your state, waiting for the 🚦from Gavin or Joe? [too many laws to link – please research your own state].

… that this has been the plan the whole time?

… that a system like this already exists here, and that they want it to exist everywhere?

… did you know they have already planned for the next one?

Did you know it’s time to RISE?

If you did, PLEASE SHARE. If you didn’t, LISTEN UP + buckle up. It’s time to #GETINTHEKNOW. We were right about vaccine passports, vaccination clinics on campus, vacations without consent, the central digital registry. Don’t let us be right about this, too. 👉🏽

Attorney Exposes With FACTS What She Calls Covid Concentration Camp Being Built in California By Railroad [Video]