February 21, 23

“We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud the government ordered.”

This is not hyperbole. This is 3 years of analysis of actual U.S. Gov Department of Defense (“DoD”) contracts, presentations, internal memoranda, correspondence and data laying out the Plan. This shows the framework for perpetual lockdowns, masking, quarantining, tracing, “relocating,” ETC. under the guise of “#healthandsafety” and, worse yet, the Law. It’s Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Criminal + everything we have been warning you about – from the most “innocuous” city council ordinance and school board resolution to the most vile state Capitol bill – and why you and no one else will be left holding the bag when the whole thing crumbles.

Because there is nothing I can write that can do this presentation justice, let me give you the link, while issuing a warning:

  • If you do not watch this, you are part of the Problem.

  • If you do not forward this to every person you know, you are a fraud and a co-conspirator.

  • If you (continue to) comply, you will be held accountable for your “missteps” + “misunderstandings,” but at this point, your malfeasance.

It will be difficult to hear the Truth and to know you have been completely had (and owe a LOT of people apologies), but if you do not #wakeup right now, the last 3 years will be just the tip of the iceberg.


PLEASE ALSO PRAY for Sasha and her team of Warriors, including but not limited to, Katherine Watt and Jessica Rose. We have been working with them for months (years?) and they are putting their lives on the line for us to know the Truth + escape it. Pray for their protection and for your strength to confront this head on and #RISEUP.