February 26, 23

On February 22, 2023, the California Supreme Court:

1️⃣ Denied the requests of former Senator Dick Pan + New West Charter + Grenada Hills Charter schools to depublish, or make not  binding the @let_them_breathe_ / @icandecide ruling that San Diego Unified School District’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate conflicted with existing California law (Health & Safety Code, sections 120325 et seq .) and was, thus, was illegal and void, as a matter of law.


2️⃣ Declined to review the Court of Appeals’s ruling – which upheld San Diego Superior Court Judge Meyer’s ruling (finding the mandate illegal and void) – making the decision, this case, and issue of whether or not individual California school districts can unilaterally require or “mandate” new vaccines as a condition to your child attending school in person CLOSED.


  • 09/2021: San Diego Unified School District (“SDUSD”) voted to implement a COVID-19 vaccine requirement on all students 16 years+.
  • 12/20/2021: San Diego Superior Court Judge Meyer granted Let Them Breathe’s Writ Petition, agreeing with them and their attorneys, Aanstead Andelin & Corn – as well as Siri Glimstad / ICAN and FLTJ / PERK and CHD-CA – that SDUSD’s COVID-19 school mandate conflicted with existing state law and was, thus, illegal and void.
  • 11/22/2022: After SDUSD appealed and the Court of Appeal affirmed the lower, superior court’s ruling. The Court of Appeal certified its decision for publication, making it legal precedent and free to be cited by other courts in future lawsuits.
  • 1/20/23: days before the deadline to do so expired, California Charter Schools, and former Senator Richard Pan filed requests to the Supreme Court to depublish the decision, which, if granted, would render the decision uncitable by other courts in the future.
  • 1/30/23: ICAN’s team, led by Siri Glimstad, filed an opposition letter pointing out why the Court of Appeal correctly concluded that the Appellate Decision was worthy of publication.
  • 2/22/23: the California Supreme Court agreed w Siri / ICAN and denied the Requests to Depublish the Court of Appeal decision, and declined to review the case, making the decision final and citable precedent!

MAJOR CONGRATS to our colleagues at Siri Glimstad + Aanstead Andelin & Corn, as well as to LTB + ICAN for taking up the battle on behalf of ALL of us for #medicalfreedom #bodilyautonomy + true #informedconsent .

Here’s a quick video from FLTJ Partner, Nicole Pearson, explaining it: