A picture worth 100,000 taxpayer dollars of….

Mar 29, 2023


Four broken oral and written agreements to comply with the Law.

The fourth deposition of Orange County Health Care Agency Director and former Orange County Health Officer. Clayton Chau, who was previously the Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer for MindOC, the nonprofit entity that supports Be Well OC, a coordinated system to improve Orange County’s mental health services, canceled due to his refusal to appear to answer questions about the last 3 years of his unbridled, unscientific, devastating, tyrannical reign.

Thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears spent to hold our elected representatives accountable to uphold their oral and written promises and guarantees, “We understand our legal obligations. We would never to that, again. We will comply.” Only to not.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by Peggy Hall of The Healthy American (@thehealthyamericanpeggyhall) and Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter to fund a lawsuit at one-third the price against one of the biggest litigation funds in the country.

Two laws – Health and Safety Code, section 10108, and Government Code, section 8630 – as well as your state and federal Constitutions torn to shreds by your public servants and their henchmen so that they can trample your and your families’ rights – to speak, assemble, worship, travel, receive medical care, petition their government for redress of grievances, work, provide for your family, go to school, and – quite literally – live – while also building systems using your taxpayer dollars so that they tag, track, monitor and then force you to comply with future and further illegal mandates or else be completely excluded from society

Over $618 MILLION in fraudulently extracted “emergency relief funds” by your “public servants” in order to build these systems.

Too many outright lies to count, made not only to this law office, but the Public which they serve and the Court to which they (should) owe the utmost accountability and respect to.

Five Cowards defended by four Criminals with zero respect for the Law, the Constitutions, basic concepts of Common Decency, Civility, Ethics or Morality, let alone their sworn promises to defend and serve these Rules and the People they claim to represent who hold the 🔑 to their authority, by paying their salaries and casting their votes.

A broken heart 💔 with a passion for the Law mourning a corrupt, broken legal system fueled by these prideful, gluttonous, narcissistic Cowards + Criminals who think they can outmaneuver the Law, or escape the Truth.

Why Peggy Hall, Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter, and FACTS LAW TRUTH JUSTICE will never stop fighting. Because this cannot be the way this ends. We cannot WIN but not hold these bad actors responsible because they refuse to show up and account for their crimes. [WIN 👉🏽 September 22, 2022 Ruling ORDERING County to Hold Public Meeting re: CV19 “Emergencies” by December 1, 2022 and to Terminate said Emergencies if Conditions Warrant].

Because WE KEEP SHOWING UP NO MATTER WHAT. On April 3 at the next hearing and April 11 at the next Board Meeting until the #RuleofLaw, basic human rights, and our #ConstitutionalRepublic are restored to tell them that we know #THELAWISONOURSIDE and that we will continue to #RISEUP until they know it, as well.

Yours in the Fight,
Your FLTJ Warriors


The Law Offices of Nicole C. Pearson