UPDATE + CTA for Assembly Bill 659 (HPV Vaccine for California Students)

April 14, 23

🚨 Assembly Bill 659 has been amended and is set to be heard Tuesday, April 18th, at 1:30 p.m. at 1021 O Street, Room 1100 🚨

While the Bill’s principal authors – Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry and Senator Scott Wiener – have amended the Bill’s language to remove the HPV shot mandate for California elementary schoolchildren and up, if passed and signed into law, AB659 will (1) make official the State’s position that all students entering 8th grade in any private or public school, or any student 26 years of age or younger entering a university or college, are “expected” to be fully immunized against HPV and (2) require all schools to send a “notification” to entering 6th graders containing this “expectation,” and “advising” the pupil and his / her family that the pupil is “expected” to fully immunized against HPV before admission or advancement to the 8th grade level, even though the shot will not actually be legally required (mandated). Although removing the mandate language and turning it into “notification of expectation” is a win for those of us “in The Know,” we at FLTJ:

  • Vehemently oppose government-sponsored propaganda, false advertising, deceptive practices, fraud, coercion, and fear-mongering,
  • Know this language is a foothold into future mandates and legalizing additional illegal “marketing,”
  • Know this ambiguous messaging will be directed at specific communities to confuse, influence, and coerce otherwise unwilling students to get vaccinated against HPV based upon a misunderstanding of their Rights or the Law,
  • Know California will not stop until this is a mandate, and
  • Know that if AB659 passes as currently written, it will serve as precedent for future bills to authorize government actors to ambiguously – and repeatedly – “notify” residents of their “expectations” without any data, information, or legal authority in support.

Accordingly, FLTJ continues to demand that this intentionally misleading language be struck from AB659 and encourage you to, as well, using the action steps listed, below:


  1. Contact your school board and ask them to (1) contact California Assembly Health Committee Members and (2) your local Assembly person and ask that:
    1. The letter requirement be removed as it is confusing and misleading, OR
    2. The language say the shot is “expected, but not required” while also adding in a statement regarding the risks of, as well as the timeline and procedure for reporting and receiving compensation for, HPV vaccine-related injuries, including the link to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System.
    1. Remember:
      1. Key Assembly Health Members to push on shown on last slide of this @SaveCalifornia post.
      2. Tips for Contacting Members:
        1. If contacting your rep, be sure to ID yourself as a constituent.
        2. If not, leave voicemails after hours (7 p.m. – 8 a.m.) and do not identify yourself either way.


See you on The Hill!
Your FLTJ Warriors


  1. FIND YOUR REP: https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov
  2. Assembly Health Committee Members’ Contact Information 


Committee MembersDistrictOffice & Contact Information
Jim Wood (Chair)Dem – 02Contact Assembly Member Jim Wood

Capitol Office, 1020 N Street, Suite 390

P.O. Box 942849-0002; (916) 319-2002

Marie Waldron (Vice-Chair)Rep – 75Contact Assembly Member Marie Waldron

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 6140

P.O. Box 942849-0075; (916) 319-2075

Cecilia M. Aguiar-CurryDem – 04Contact Assembly Member Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 6350

P.O. Box 942849-0004; (916) 319-2004

Dr. Joaquin ArambulaDem – 31Contact Assembly Member Dr. Joaquin Arambula

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 8130

P.O. Box 942849-0031; (916) 319-2031

Tasha Boerner HorvathDem – 77Contact Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 4150

P.O. Box 942849-0077; (916) 319-2077

Wendy CarrilloDem – 52Contact Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 8140

P.O. Box 942849-0052; (916) 319-2052

Heath FloraRep – 09Contact Assembly Member Heath Flora

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 4730

P.O. Box 942849-0009; (916) 319-2009

Vince FongRep – 32Contact Assembly Member Vince Fong

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 4630

P.O. Box 942849-0032; (916) 319-2032

Brian MaienscheinDem – 76Contact Assembly Member Brian Maienschein

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 5640

P.O. Box 942849-0076; (916) 319-2076

Kevin McCartyDem – 06Contact Assembly Member Kevin McCarty

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 4510

P.O. Box 942849-0006; (916) 319-2006

Joe PattersonRep – 05Contact Assembly Member Joe Patterson

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 4530

P.O. Box 942849-0005; (916) 319-2005

Freddie RodriguezDem – 53Contact Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 5250

P.O. Box 942849-0053; (916) 319-2053

Miguel SantiagoDem – 54Contact Assembly Member Miguel Santiago

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 6150

P.O. Box 942849-0054; (916) 319-2054

Carlos VillapuduaDem – 13Contact Assembly Member Carlos Villapudua

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 6340

P.O. Box 942849-0013; (916) 319-2013

Akilah Weber, M.D.Dem – 79Contact Assembly Member Akilah Weber, M.D.

Capitol Office, 1021 O Street, Suite 4130

P.O. Box 942849-0079; (916) 319-2079