May 4, 2023

Your FLTJ Warriors are heading to trial!!! Last year, on behalf of the Palicke Family and Children’s Health Defense-California Chapter (now the independent Free Now Foundation), we filed a lawsuit against Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (“PYLUSD”) and Board Members Carrie Buck, Karin Freeman, and Marilyn Anderson; Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents Jim Elasser, Richard McAlindin, and Linda Adamson; Yorba Linda High School Principal Richard Dinh, Assistant Principal Bird Potter, and teachers Bryan Bloom, Jaclyn Chavez, John Domen, Madison Waltemeyer, and Amber Ferris for imposing a harsh, unscientific, and unlawful “No Mesh Mask” policy mid-school-year, and then enforcing it against only certain students to ban them from school and force them into at-home independent study. After two rounds of Defendants attempting to dismiss our suit as being “without merit,” on April 21, 2023, Orange County Superior Court Judge Servino ruled that our lawsuit is sound and that our clients have standing, properly plead, and are entitled to pursue their claims in court. Specifically, Judge Servino ruled that we adequately plead and our clients had standing to pursue their claims for injunctive and declaratory relief for unlawfully and fraudulently expelling and suspending children and forcing them into independent in violation of the California Education Code; for conducting an unlawful human experiment on students in violation of Health & Safety Code, sections 24170-24179.5; for violating our clients’ rights to an education under Article IX of Constitution; and for damages for causing our clients severe emotional distress, among other things.

This is a major victory!

Not only for this case, but in all similar cases moving forward. It is a harbinger to all families throughout California, as well as to the school districts, school principals, teachers, faculty and staff:

You cannot hide. The Law is on our side. We will find – and sue – you. And you will pay.

Now that the main causes of action of our lawsuit have been “green lighted” by Judge Servino, we are diving headfirst into the fact-finding phase of this lawsuit, which includes extensive written questions, depositions, and demands for the production of documents from Defendants. If you have been following our work for a while, you know how arduous and expensive this process will be. For example, we have been demanded that the County of Orange to produce – and it is legally required to so – witnesses and documents since November 2022; howeverit refuses to do so, even after personally guaranteeing that they will, promising the Court that it will, and facing an order to compel and sanctions.

The illegal games these government actors will go to hide their malfeasance is mind-blowing and, apparently, knows no end.

However, we will continue to aggressively fight for you and our children – and for Truth, Reason, Freedom and Humanity – to expose the underlying Facts of this case, as well as the Truth behind these senseless, dangerous, and illegal mask mandates and more.

Thank you for your continued support of our legal team in this fight to protect all children in California.

If you have any interest in FLTJ uncovering what has really been going on behind the scenes of California’s health agencies, school boards, and schools, please contribute to our legal efforts as we continue to RISE UP.

The Law Offices of Nicole C. Pearson