“Unity Starts Now,” an Interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

May 23, 23


Episode 146: From Environmental Advocacy to Presidential Plans: The Fight Against Censorship and Corruption with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Many concerns need to be tackled as we deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, including the state of our society and country. The Democratic Party has deviated from American values and has become the party of big pharma and censorship. In recent memory, America has never been more divided.

Today [May 17, 2023], we [at Future Generations were] fortunate to have our special guest Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an American environmental lawyer, and 2024 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate. He uses his voice to inform the American people of the country’s failings and to reunite the nation back to its foundational values. Please take a moment to listen to this episode as he discusses his plans as president, and the need to stop censorship and corruption in the government. Don’t miss this episode!

Key Takeaways:
  • When government officials order private entities to silence dissenting voices, they are in violation of the First Amendment because the government is engaging in censorship. They’re not allowed to do that, which shouldn’t be tolerated in the government.
  • Big companies give money to the government not because they have any altruistic motives but because they want to purchase access, and they want to purchase action from the government that is often detrimental to the public interest. That’s why it’s important to keep corporate money out of the government.
  • Wealthier people have more societal comfort and privileges than the middle class and the poor. They become entitled, believing they are superior to everyone else. But it must stop now because everyone deserves to be treated well, including those who are middle-class and poor.
Memorable Quotes:

“The government shouldn’t practice censorship. It is a First Amendment violation. And I’ll create an executive order that prohibits all government departments from influencing public opinion or suppressing the American people by sending a memo on the first day of my administration.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


“When Pfizer gives you a million dollars, they’re not doing it out of philanthropic impulses. They’re doing it because they expect to get something in return.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


“In a world where rewarding the rich and punishing the poor, this nation has evolved into a form of cushy socialism for wealthy people in this cruel, ruthless capitalism for the country’s middle class and poor. And that needs to end.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  • [05:35] Background of Robert’s inspiration and what catalyzed him into a presidential candidacy
  • [11:31] How does Robert aim to tackle censorship?
  • [16:13] How Robert reclaims the public’s trust in the government
  • [38:32] Bobby’s story of how he became interested in the environment
  • [49:05] Bobby’s first public live event in San Diego
  • [51:00] Making a healthy generation of American Children


As a nation, we must ensure that these large aggregations of power are not damaging our nation, our democracy, and the free flow of information. Despite being the richest nation in the world, the United States also has many people suffering from chronic diseases. No country in the world spends more on healthcare than we do, and yet we have the second largest population with the lowest health outcomes. This  is unacceptable – we need to do better.

America has never been more divided. The fundamental issue is how polarized both sides have become. A divided society cannot fend off exploitation or totalitarian takeover. The traditional American can-do spirit wears down in these never-ending battles. So let’s bridge the gap and unite American citizens.


Future Generations is proud to host a historic event for the city of San Diego during Memorial Day Weekend. Be a part of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s first public event since announcing his candidacy for President of the United States. The event will take place on Monday, May 29 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, at Humphrey’s By the Bay on Shelter Island. Limited tickets. Purchase today!.

See you all Monday!