Over Target

May 24, 2023

This isn’t about Christianity. This isn’t about Rightwing, Republican, Trump, MAGA or “conservative values” (whatever that means anymore). This isn’t even about trans / LGBQT+ / or any other “hot-button” topic they have been violently (literally) ramming down our throats the last 3+ years. This is about a full-frontal brazen assault on morality, and on the personal, religious, and spiritual freedom of every single person in the United States. This is about the relentless attack – persecution, I think they call it? – of one particular group of people and, in our country, today, without any repercussions. In fact, with support from some of the largest and most powerful organizations in the World.

Right now, the attack is on ChristianityBut how much longer until it is you? How much longer until the Rabbis of Perpetual Excess cabaret on the first day of Passover? The Imams of Perpetual Debauchery twerk on Ramadan? Or the Pandit of Perpetual Pleasure strip on Janmashtami?

When is your religion – or your values – going to take center stage? And will you wait until then – when it’s “finally” your turn, but too late- to stand up?

We are OVER Target, so Target has to be over. 

While I am glad to hear that Target is getting annihilated for selling sexually-explicit, heinously inappropriate, perverted products designed by a self-proclaimed satanist targeted at children aged 18 months+ and decided to pull some of these products in response to severe public backlashit is too late because Target is done. Target – and the Dodgers – have revealed their true colors and are done – either they share these values or they kowtow to people who do – and either way it’s too late and both are dead to me now. Neither are a viable retailer or sports authority, and they shouldn’t for you, either.


Because if they are and you do go back to Target, or attend another Dodger game, after they (somewhat) course correct (or not at all), we have not “won,” we will never Win, and you will be the reason why. You already are the reason why we are here – May 24, 2023 – staring up at a bright red and white bullseye, mouths hanging open, aghast that a mainstream retailer would do such a thing so brazenly. You are the reason men, women, and children are standing in broad daylight watching a man in a g-string hang by his legs from the neck of a crucified Jesus. Your lack of spine, Integrity, greater sense of Purpose or Self to hold these values in higher regard than a beer-fueled sporting event, or the slight convenience presented by a mediocre retailer, have let this – and too many inexplicably horrific, unforgettable affronts – to be too quickly forgotten or intentionally brushed aside for:

  • Convenience….
  • Comfort…
  • Complacency… which, after a while of knowing participation (even willfully blind participation) becomes
  • Complicity and
  • Consent

Your ongoing complacency, complicity and consent will lead to even more and greater atrocities than we saw these last few years.

I will never shop at Target, or attend a Dodger game, ever again, as long as I live. Period. Full stop.

I have and will never sell my Soul, my Children, or their Future for a transient feeling of convenience or fun which, in reality, is paving the road to a lifetime of immorality, confusion, persecution, pain and regret. I will never support institutions that use real-life issues wrapped in the teflon shields of “equity” and “inclusivity” to hide disgusting agendas at the expense of the most vulnerable in our communities. I will not stop sharing this message until these institutions cease to exist, for good.

READ THAT AGAIN + let that sink in. 

Then go apply it to every aspect of your life and see how it goes.

THIS is how we Win.

By rising up… FOR REAL.

What entity do we need to boycott out of existence next?

Let’s start looking here.


The Law Offices of Nicole C. Pearson