June 11, 23


These are the 4 #BadBills we want to kill in the next 2 weeks:

  • #AB957 (Wiener, Wilson): custody to affirming parent, presumption best interest of child to affirm, “health safety welfare” = affirming your child.
  • #AB223 (Wiener, Ward): keep minors’ name and gender change court papers “confidential.”
  • #AB655 (Wiener, Carrillo): 12 year olds can self consent into a residential shelter, no allegations – let alone proof – of abuse incest or danger needed.
  • #SB407 (Wiener, Lee, Low): cannot foster children if you will not or cannot affirm their self-selected gender identity.

[AB665 and SB407 are being heard next Tuesday June 20 also at 130 p.m. in Senate Judiciary. We will get you those action steps after Tuesday]


  1. Tonight, Sunday, June 11
    1. If you haven’t already (ahem), submit your opposition letters to the Portal + email or fax them to the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well.
    2. Email your letters + questions to each Senate Judiciary Member (11 total). Make sure you
      1. Say you are opposing 957 and 223;
      2. Ask the Senator to vote no or abstain on 957 and 223 until the issues you identified, or questions you asked, are fixed;
      3. Ask for a 15-20 minute ZOOM and include 3-5 questions you want to discuss.
      4. Sample letters, talking points, questions, etc.: 
        1. AB957 Toolkit
        2. AB223 Toolkit
    3. Call and leave a voicemail for each Senate Judiciary Member letting them know you emailed asking for a meeting and ASKING THE SENATOR TO VOTE NO OR ABSTAIN.
      1. Constituents identify yourself by ZIP CODE, and
      2. Non constituents you do not need to identify that you are not a constituent just stat your name and opposition to AB223 and AB957.
      1. PERK / FLTJ One-Click Campaign: tweet + email all Senate Judiciary Members your opposition in one click!
      2. California Family Council One-Click Campaign: fill out the information requested and they will give you talking points, tell you the name of your legislator, and call your legislator’s office for you! can personalize and send your opposition message and request that the Senate Judiciary Members vote “NO” or ABSTAIN on AB957 to each member with the click of ONE button:
    5. Tweet + instagram your ❓ to the Senate Judiciary members tonight!
      1. @SenatorUmberg
      2. @ScottWilkCA – if this is your senator (Antelope, Santa Clarita, and Victor Valleys) PLEASE CALL + EMAIL + VISIT
      3. @BenAllenCA
      4. @CASenCaballero
      5. @MariaEDurazo
      6. @SenJohnLaird
      7. @DaveMinCA
      8. @SenHenryStern
      9. @Scott_Wiener
      10. @SenRogerNiello – if this is your senator (some of Placer and Sacramento Counties, all of Sutter and Yuba Counties) PLEASE CALL + EMAIL + VISIT.
      11. @AngeliqueAshby
  2. Tomorrow, Monday, June 12
    1. ☎️ 📧 to follow up on your calls and emails!
    2. Confirm your travel plans ✈️ 🚗 for our Press Conference + the hearing Tuesday.
  3. Tuesday, June 13:
    1. Press conference @ 12 pm on the East side of the Capitol, 13th and N Street
    2. Hearing at 1:30 p.m.

R I S E U P 👊🏽