To all the Dads out there….

June 18, 23



To all the Grandpas, Uncles, Godfathers and Men who have stepped up and in to be the Provider, Protector, Leader, Teacher, Cheerleader, Confidant and Friend a child needs:

Thank you.


Your children are watching you.

Because of you, and real men like you, who understand the particular vulnerability and sanctity of Children, the difference between Right and Wrong, and the danger of remaining silent in a World of duplicity, chaos and evil, we will win this War.


Because what you do now impacts not just your child’s immediate life, but the lives of millions of others for centuries to come. Your children are watching and learning from you. Their children will (hopefully) watch and learn from you. If they don’t, they will still know who you were and what you did by how your child treats them and what they do. And so it goes, the profound impact of your actions passing from generation to generation, shaping and guiding society, even though you have long since departed from It.


Anyone can father a child, but it takes a special man to be a Dad.

Thank you for being a Dad.

We see you. We appreciate you. We couldn’t do this without you. And we thank you today, and every day, for everything you do.

K E E P. R I S I N G.

You’re taking your children’s standards, goals, and potential with you.