Your children will be set FREE… or will they?

June 24, 23

Our California legislators are coming after your children. And then they’re coming after you.

Don’t believe me? Listen to one of the most important interviews I have done, to date. Yesterday we joined Britt of Rooted.Wings and Melissa of Freedom Revival, two of the three co-founders of The Battlecry US, to share critical updates on California’s “4 Horsemen of Bad Bills: AB665, AB957, AB223, and SB407.” Per The Battlecry:

It’s time to wake up and rise up, California parents! This interview is the most important 15 minutes of crucial and urgent information on the Trojan Horse coming through the legislature, aimed at your kids and your family.

to educate & empower YOU to fight back. There is no longer a middle ground. Now is the time to fight like the future of California depends on it because… It does.

AB665: Minors consent bill
AB957: Gender identity
AB223: Change of gender and sex identifier
SB407: Foster care

Contact your Senator and Assemblymember TODAY to vote “No” or, at the very least, abstain on these bills. Email and follow up your email with calls and voicemails asking for a 15-20 minute meeting – in person or by ZOOM – to discuss these bad bills. Tell them they cannot vote in support of these bills until your questions are answered.

These bills can be voted on on the Senate Floor ANY DAY so we need to act NOW, showing our legislators that we are awake and we are ready to RISE UP to kill these bills. Make the Capitol shake until they’re dead!

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Every resource you need to fight these bills can be found on the FLTJ RESOURCES page.

But each FLTJ Toolkit for each of the Bad Bills can be found here:

Thank you to our Warrior Sisters for shedding light on the horrifying reality Californians are facing this legislative session. Now that we have #LinkedUp, it is time to #ArmorUp and #RISEUP to kill these bills.

We have no time to waste.