Can you do this one thing right now?

July 5, 23

Please stop what you are doing and follow StopAB957.

This is an incredible, comprehensive new site that was donated to us to help us fight “to help CA citizens take action against woke legislation that harms children.” If this describes you – or someone you know – follow us on Instagram and Twitter, hit the notification buttons, start hash tagging and tweeting your Senators and forward this to everyone you know. 

We would like to build websites like this for each of the #BadBills, but cannot ask our donor to give us even more of her time.

If you would like to see a website for AB 665, AB 223, AB 1078, SB 407 – and every other bad bill coming down the pipe – please consider contributing here. You can earmark your contribution by directing it in the “Feedback” section at the very bottom:

THANK YOU, as always.

As we pivot and slay to fight these Bad Bills and restore our constitutional democracy and freedoms for good.