If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN? If not HERE… WHERE?

July 5, 23

This morning I was talking with a friend – someone you know, too, who is fighting the War alongside us – and I told her I was tired. That I learned something last night that made every ounce of my being heavy with horror, disgust and despair. That I was overwhelmed, it feels like it’s getting to be too much, children are being abused and are dying to satisfy the neuroses and psychoses of adults (going on 4+ years now) and that I didn’t know if I could keep fighting anymore.

I just can’t keep seeing this selfishness and depravity.

She paused for a second then said that she was feeling the same, caught in a constant cycle of needing to wage war and wanting to retreat. I sent back a “💔🙏🏽” and sighed, relieved I was not alone – or worse yet, crazy or weak – but i didn’t feel better. Because the next overwhelming thought that’s been plaguing me for 4+ years hit…. Where?

WHERE would we go from here??

Because even as I sit here typing, men + women + children are risking their lives to get into the US. For as “shitty, transphobic, misogynistic, racist, depraved, white national supremacist, corrupt + ETC.” It is they are braving thousands of miles by land + sea to get to here.


Because this country is the last beacon of HOPE and FREEDOM in the entire world. This is the Land of Opportunity. Of the Free and the Brave. And everybody knows it, even the people who “hate it” so much they refuse to leave 🤡. So my ❓ to you is this: as watch fireworks wearing whatever you want, saying whatever you want ,eating, drinking, singing, dancing, playing, doing (almost) WHATEVER you want:


  • How long would you last?
  • How would it really be better than here?
  • Most importantly: how long before the thoughts returned, reminding you of the wars you ran from, abandoning those less fortunate when you could have won?

Answers: nowhere and not long enough. This is it. This is why we celebrate today, the Fourth of July, and why we keep fighting.


Grateful for each and every one of you, this community, this Country, this voice and this platform that doesn’t even exist in other parts of the World. I will never stop fighting for you, the United States of America, or our Freedom. I hope you don’t either.