The First Battle Has Been Won… KEEP GOING.

July 10, 23

This weekend your FLTJ Army went to the belly of the beast: the office of Senator Tom Umberg, the jockey for AB 957, Senator Scott Wiener and Assemblywoman Lori Wilson’s bill that would make it law that the “health, safety and welfare” of a child includes affirming that child’s gender identity (not meaningfully exploring a child’s gender confusion, only straight-up affirming it, without exception), and, conversely, that it will be a forgone legal conclusion that not affirming your child’s gender identity jeopardizes their health, safety and welfare, or is tantamount to child neglect, endangerment, and abuse, let alone worthy of custody.

During an extremely productive meeting with Umberg’s staffer because he was “not available,” we discovered that he would be hosting an event the very next day at Savanna High School in Anaheim, which demonstrates just how important in-person meetings are:

      1. We made relationships with his staff [whether good or bad, jury is still out].
      2. We dropped off materials and went over them with the staffer so he can explain them to Umberg. Most importantly –
      3. We were able to gain insights during idle chit chat that gave us direct access to Umberg in person.


While some of our team had never lobbied with a representative before, we all knew this might have been our only opportunity to meet Umberg “in the wild,” without the excuses or protections of the Capitol, so we went.

Because of our efforts Friday, and – most importantly – our follow through on Saturday, Umberg was prepared for us and ready to admit defeat. Within minutes of Shanin, Geniva, George and David arriving, asking if he had received the papers we dropped of the day before and if he could discuss them, a flustered Umberg promised:

“We won’t be introducing [AB 957] until August 20.” 

And just like that your FLTJ Warriors bought you an entire month to lobby your representatives in person at their office near you to kill AB 957.


No. Assuming Umberg stays true to his word, AB 957 will not be presented until after the Legislature’s Summer Break (July 17- August 17). However, just as you now have an entire month to lobby your representatives in person at their office near you to kill AB 957, Senator Wiener and Assemblywoman Wilson will be lobbying their colleagues to vote for it.
Representatives will be in their local offices and districts working and “building relationships with their constituents” by attending events; however, some will go on summer vacations so be sure to call your representatives first thing tomorrow and start asking for meetings now. 


    1. Call and email Umberg’s office tomorrow, all day, thanking him for agreeing to hold the bill until all of us can air our concerns, and requesting a meeting with him until you get one.
      1. Capitol Office: (916) 651-4034
      2. District Office: (714) 558-3785
    2. Call and email your Senator’s and Assemblymember’s offices tomorrow and every day requesting a meeting with him / her until you get one.
      1. Here’s how to find your representatives.
    3. Buy your tickets for the Capital Tuesday, 7/11, and/or Wednesday, 7/12:
      1. Attend the hearings on 
        1. SB14 – support – higher penalties for sex crimes
        2. SB596 – oppose – jail time and $1,000+ penalties for “annoying” school board members
        3. SB345 – oppose – will make it illegal for California to assist with prosecuting crimes or disciplining professionals providing abortions, gender affirming or reproductive care [yes you heard my correctly]
        4. SB729 – oppose – anyone with insurance can have a baby
        5. SB447 – oppose – marketing gender affirming care in other states
        6. AB1028 – oppose -eliminating mandatory reporting requirements [yes you read me correctly here, too]
      2. Drop in on legislators – even if you do not have a meeting, if they hear, smell, and see you they will feel your opposition and know it is real. 
    4. Watch + Share this LIVE explaining the meaning and impact of AB 957, should it pass.

Could you imagine if hundreds of us had shown up on Saturday? 

With the smallest of battalions, we were able to take out one of the most well-respected and powerful Legislators at the Capitol. Could you imagine the impact we would have if we all pushed back together? I would not be writing you this email, asking for you to show up, again. This bill would already be dead. So, moral of the story:


RISE UP so we can KEEP WINNING and actually KILL THIS BILL!