Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

July 23, 23


The tides are turning in California, but we will fail to capitalize on this opportunity to regain our seats at the table and seize control of the instruments of our creation if we do not gather together and prepare for what else needs to get done. Repost from @tara.freedom.angel and @denise.tha1.from209 of @freedom.angels2:


We are coming, and nobody can stop us!



We are hitting the road to Southern California, where we are going to do some deep dive into training on political strategy, homeschooling, and preparing your family for that just in case. Sign up for email blast at and

Tickets are also available herewhile they last.

Please share the information tag people and share this to your stories. This is going to be a very important event that you do not want to miss.



There’s a war happening right now, and those who want our children are going to do everything in their power to silence us.




Please be sure to follow Denise on her newest Instagram page, since they took her down, again, as soon as she announced thisMust mean it is going to be a good event!