Already Winning.

August 11, 23


BOOM. And just like that, THEY’RE ON THE RUN. They heard you coming so the hearing on Assembly Bill 1078 has been pushed to August 21..

THIS IS NOT A CALL TO REST. This is a call to RISE.

Jackson does not have the votes, but he’s going to work hard to get them in the next week.. and then the next and the next until he realizes he cannot win on this one and decides to pull his bill.


See Temecula Valley Unified School District situation. AB 1078 will allow the State (Gavin and Jennifer Newsom) dictate what information your child learns, versus locally-elected school boards that are familiar with and reflect the community’s values and needs. Even worse, if SB596 (Portantino) passes, you would not be able to speak up about it because you would risk serving up to 1 year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. This is literally not a test, and not a joke. The State is coming after you, our schools, and our children. They are not even trying to hide it.

If you ever want to have a say, again, in what materials your children read, learn, or are exposed to, you must defeat AB1078 (and SB596), otherwise, kiss your involvement in schools, your “flipped” conservative boards, you family’s values, your free public education – or otherwise your kids – goodbye.


  1. Buy your tickets to meet us at the Captiol Monday, August 14, at 10 a.m. to (1) attend the hearing on Assembly Bill 5 (Zbur’s bill that would force teachers to learn and teach about transgenderism, and how to hide secrets from parents (no joke)), (2) attend the Press Conference at 12 p.m. and (3) lobby with Tara and Denise of Freedom Angels, myself and other leaders.
    1. 10 a.m.: 1021 O Street, Room 2200
    2. 12 p.m.: 10th and Nth Street, Southwest side of the Capitol
      1. This is a CRITICAL OPPORTUNITY to start the session back up STRONG + ride the coattails of this retreat saying “we’re educated, we’re activated, we’re United and we’re here to make sure you keep moving these bills back / out past the legislative deadlines to pass them.”

  2. KEEP CALLING EVERY. DAY. Twice a day 😬 Forget these criminals who don’t care about you + your families + your children + rights or Freedom. Make their phones ring off the hook. Flood their email inboxes. Make it impossible for them to work or ignore you / what’s to come if they don’t pull these bills or their support for them. It literally takes less than 1 minute to call your Senator and Assemblyperson to say:
    1. “hi my name is ______. I’m a constituent living in ZIP. I oppose AB5, AB1078, SB596, AB352 (when it comes up to vote next year – “we see what you’re doing here and we’re not having it!”), AB665, AB957, AB223, SB407. What is the rep’s position on these bills?” If they say they don’t know or he or she is in support, say “We will keep calling until s/he knows s/he is abstaining or voting ‘no.'”