Emergency Advocacy Day Training TONIGHT (8/17) 8 p.m. PST

August 17, 23


We are holding an EMERGENCY Advocacy Day Training by ZOOM tonight, Thursday, August 17, at 8 p.m. PST. With just a few weeks of the Legislative Session left, a massive Parental Rights Rally scheduled for Monday, August 21, and several of the #BadBills being able to be heard any day, we need all hands on deck. Denise Aguilar and Tara Thornton of Freedom Angels, Erin Friday of Our Duty, and Nicole Pearson of FLTJ will walk you through what that looks like to lobby with Legislators and – most importantly – how to be effective. Time is not on our side, so we need to hustle.

We will have material you can download and print and take into your local district office as well as to the Capitol.

From @denisea.freedomangels:

We have a small window to do some course correction on this but we truly need people activated as soon as possible because if we lose against these Bad Bills, then we have lost our children. They will be given the ability to leave their home and become ward of the state. They will have grooming materials in their schools and family court will be weaponized more than it already is. 


Participant ID: 874 5206 8846
Passcode: 942245


See you tonight!