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August 31, 23



Please watch this video for a “BAD BILLS UPDATE: Where we are in the Legislative Process. Where we need to get to in next 36 hours. Where we need to go in the 10 session days after that.


There are two “types” of Bad Bills making their way through the Capitol right now:

  • Bad Bills stuck in appropriations committees’ suspense files that need to move out of appropriations by this Friday, September 1, then – if they do – voted on and approved by both the Senate or Assembly floors by September 14.
          • AB5
          • AB659
          • AB1028
          • AB1078
          • SB407
          • SB596
  • Bad Bills on the Senate Floor “ordered to 3d reading,” or waiting to be voted on on the Senate Floor, that need to be voted on by both the Senate and Assembly Floors by September 14.
          • AB223
          • AB957
          • AB665


Bad Bills that could die in Appropriations Suspense files this week. If these bills do not move out of suspense by Friday, they are dead for this Session and we will have less bills to monitor and kill on the Assembly and Senate Floors. Therefore:

    2. Call + Tweet + Instagram the Senate Appropriations Committee Members (minus Wiener) + Leadership (Speaker of Assembly Robert Rivas, Speaker of Senate Toni Atkins, Governor Newsom) asking them to KEEP THESE BILLS IN SUSPENSE due to their significant financial impact on a failing CA state and lack of value:
      1. Assembly Bill 5 (Zbur, D-Los Angeles): makes teacher and staff training to create a “safe and supportive learning environment” for LGBQT+ and questioning pupils compulsory; training includes how to profile possible LGBQT+ students and “LGBQT+ hostile” families; show students how to change name and gender ID, access opposite-sex facilities and health care services, locate organizations that support LGBQT+ youth (e.g. residential shelters, Glitter Families, Chosen Families), and form secret clubs; no training on how to support desisting or de-transitioner pupils.
      2. Assembly Bill 659 (Aguiar-Curry, D-Napa, Yolo, Sonoma): state-sanctioned false advertising, fear-mongering, and propaganda for Big Pharma companies (Merck will be the first) to send out letters to every 6th grade-aged child advising them of the State’s recommendation that they be fully immunized against HPV before admission or advancement to 8th grade. The D.O.F determined this bill is duplicative and not necessary due to prior legislation, the fact that children 12+ already have access to the HPV vaccine, and schools currently include standardized curriculum regarding sexually transmitted diseases.
      3. AB1028 (Wicks-D, Berkeley, Piedmont; Wiener, D-SF): will remove the requirement that a health practitioner report to law enforcement when they suspect a patient has suffered been assaulted or abused unless the injury is by firearm, child abuse, or elder abuse. Need we say more?
      4. Assembly Bill 1078 (Jackson, D-Riverside): strips local school boards of their authority to decide what curriculum and materials are best-suited for their community’s values and needs by defunding, investigating, and fining school districts and doxing individual board members for rejecting State-selected content; prohibiting removal of “diverse” or “inclusive” materials; and raising threshold for removing “any other” materials from simple majority to 2/3 majority vote.
  1.                                                                        Gavin Newsom (916) 445-2841

  2. Call + Tweet + Instagram the Assembly Appropriations Committee Members (minus Wilson, Carrillo) + Leadership (Speaker of Assembly Robert Rivas, Speaker of Senate Toni Atkins, Governor Newsom) asking them to KEEP THESE BILLS IN SUSPENSE due to their significant financial impact on a failing CA state and lack of value:
      1. Senate Bill 407 (Wiener, D-SF): requires potential foster care families to “sign a document” promising to affirm children in their care, regardless of other factors that might be at play, and be subjected to additional “assessments,” or otherwise be disqualified from fostering. Over 60% of foster families are religious and would not be able to affirm a child as conflicting with their religious beliefs. Therefore, SB407 will eliminate over 60% of the eligible foster family pool and leave even more foster children in the already overburdened foster care system.
      2. Senate Bill 596 (Portantino, D-Los Angeles): silences and criminalizes concerned adult citizens demanding answers and solutions from elected officials by jailing them up to 1 year and/or fining them up to $1,000 for “substantially disrupting” a board meeting, or harassing or threatening school board members. [Note: we do not condone harassing or threatening anyone ever; however, because there are current laws prohibiting this (e.g. PC 422, 646.9) SB596 is unnecessary given its chilling effect on legitimate exercises of constitutionally-protected, fundamental rights].
  3.                                                                                   Gavin Newsom (916) 445-2841


  • Assembly Bill 957 (Wiener, D-San Francisco, Wilson, D-Solano, Contra Costa): defines “health, safety and welfare of a child” as affirming gender identity(ies); will require judges to favor affirming parent in awarding custody, withholding custody from non-affirming parent; where neither parent affirms, child can become a ward of the state.
      • Status: Senator Tom Umberg is the jockey. Can be brought to vote any day.
      • TO DO:
          • (1) Call Senator Umberg and tell him how disappointed you are he is jockeying this bill, why, that you are watching his political aspirations, register your opposition and ask him NOT to bring it to floor vote.
          • (2) Call your Senator, register opposition, ask for meetings, share your concerns. Any one of these reps can flip and abstain on these bills.
          • (3) Call your Assemblymember because if this bill passes out of the Senate, it has to go BACK to Assembly for concurrence vote.
  • AB223 (Ward, D-Coronado, Del Mar, etc): any adult can change a minor’s name, gender, or sex ID confidentially.
  • Assembly Bill 665 (Weiner, D-San Francisco, Carrillo, D-Los Angeles): allows children as young as 12 to run away from home and into a government “residential shelter” without notice to parents for any reason; removes current requirements that the child be victim of abuse or incest or in danger before moving into government custody; allows the child – rather than a professional person – to decide whether to involve parents in mental health services; expands definition of “professional person” to include interns, apprentices, and trainees.
      • Status: no jockey assigned yet, therefore, cannot be brought to vote.




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