The Last Battle.

January 8, 24

Please email us NOW ( if you – or your child – want to share your stories of harm caused by LAUSD’s illegal COVID19 vaccine mandate.

This Wednesday, January 10, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse (111 N. Hill Street DTLA 90012) we will face the LAUSD $330M litigation Goliath in our last battle for fees for all our work to force them to delay + modify + rescind their illegal CV19 💉 mandate. LAUSD is claiming our efforts didn’t cause them to do anything — they were just #followingthescience 🤡 — each time they pivoted their criminal enterprise within days of our legal attacks. LAUSD also claims that, even if we did, we weren’t battling to enforce a significant right of the People, so we aren’t entitled to recover the costs for our 501c3 clients who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting 600,000 LAUSD children + the other 5M+ in the state whose districts were watching us. It’s just your right to decide whether or not to enroll your CHILD in the clinical trial of an experimental new drug or waive their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to a free, public education, and to everyone’s rights to privacy (bodily autonomy, medical freedom, the care + upbringing of your children, ETC). Come share your – and your children’s – stories to show LAUSD and Judge Beckloff just how significant this case was. Email to coordinate your speaking time.

⚠️ LAUSD (is pretending it) DOESN’T GET IT⚠️

Best case scenario? IT DOES + is LYING, as per usual, in which case they MIGHT not try something like this, again.

Worst case scenario? It still doesn’t, in which case THEY MOST CERTAINLY WILL DO IT AGAIN.

That is why, even if you do not want to speak at the Press Conference, COME TO THE HEARING.

Show LAUSD and Judge Beckloff how many of your significant, public rights were enforced by our legal efforts. Help us hold the second biggest district in the country — and, thus, every school district in the country — accountable.

TELL THEM #ENOUGHISENOUGH. #Thejigisup we have your number + NOW YOU HAVE OURS:


#TheLawIsOnOurSide #RISEUP to #PROTECTTHECHILDREN#NOchildleftbehind 🙏🏽❤️💪🏽🔥⚔️💥✊🏽