Misleading Ballot Initiative Title

Protect Kids CA v. AG Rob Bonta

Protect Kids California sues CA AG for assigning a biased name to 2023 ballot initiative.

Outcome: Ongoing

On February 13, 2024, Pearson and attorney Erin Friday filed a lawsuit with Liberty Justice Center on behalf of Protect Kids California and Jonathan Zachreson, arguing that California Attorney General Rob Bonta provided a factually-inaccurate, misleading, and biased title and summary to PKCA’s proposed ballot initiative, rather than a neutral title and summary, as required under California law.

Pearson joined the executive committee for the Protect Kids California ballot initiative in November 2023.

The PKC three-part initiative was written to

  1. exclude biological males from play in girls’ sports and using ladies’ bathrooms

  2. mandate parental notification if a minor wants to switch genders and

  3. outlaw sex change operations and chemical castrations on minors.