Pizza for Vaccination

Duarte v. LAUSD

Mother sues LAUSD for bribing her son with a pizza to get the Covid MRNA shot and forge her signature.


On December 9, 2022, Pearson filed a lawsuit on behalf of Maribel Duarte against Barack Obama Global Elementary, its principal Holden Travis, Los Angeles Unified School District and its Superintendent, Megan Reilly, in Los Angeles Superior Court. The plaintiffs sought damages alleging the defendant’s had secretly injected her son with the Covid-19 MRNA shots in exchange for pizza, resulting in a resurgence of his childhood asthma and bleeding issues.

Duarte said her son Moises told her he was given pizza in exchange for getting a COVID-19 vaccination shot, and told to forge his mother’s name on a consent form. “If I already know all the problems he has, why am going to let him allow him to get that shot?” Duarte said.

Duarte claims the shot re-awakened her son’s childhood asthma and bleeding condition. While next to her lawyer Wednesday, Duarte said she’s now suing the LAUSD, saying that even though she got the vaccine, she didn’t want it for her son.

“This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not an anti-vax case. This is about parental rights about having the ability to protect your children,” attorney Nicole Pearson said.