Barsotti is a public interest graduate of UC San Francisco’s Hastings College of Law and has been an attorney and civil litigator for 21 years in Oakland, CA through her firm The Law Office of Jessica R. Barsotti. She has represented clients in civil rights, Constitutional rights, housing rights, police misconduct, real estate, business, and insurance litigation, including litigation involving faith organizations.

In 2021, Jessica turned her attention to medical freedom and Constitutional rights litigation as the main focus due to the incredible government overreach and Constitutional degradations that she witnessed surrounding COVID-19.

Jessica is a mom of two teenagers who is facing vaccine mandates and knows exactly what parents are going through in the districts that are trying to push this on our kids. She is dedicated to helping spread the word about the violations occurring, and helping people navigate the legal landscape we now find ourselves in through providing free materials and legal resources on the CHD website, litigating on behalf of individuals and organizations, and presenting on topics such as employment rights, educational rights, litigation strategies and how to protect your kids in this ever-changing scholastic landscape.